Starting a Malaysian Burger Brand.

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They want a burger brand that belongs to Malaysia, therefore they start their first step to start up unbearably. At first, unbearably started tit a very simple objective which is “sell a really good, juicy burger on fresh bun. No shortcuts. ” (unbearably, 2014) Their objective seems simple and normal, but this objective have led a very clear strength to unbearably as they put all their effort, included money, into making a good burger.

In unbearably, you will see their special charcoal bun instead of those normal sesame bun that used by others.

Other than their own made charcoal bun, patty will be another core element that affect the burger taste. In unbearably, they mainly sell beef burger so they also grind their own beef patty so that they can serve the most fresh beef burger to their customer. Without any realization, people know unbearably most likely is from world-of-mouth instead of advertisement, and this is unbearably another strength in their promotion way.

They believe in a good thing is worth for people to share, therefore they didn’t put a lot of effort in doing advertising but make sure serve every customer with their best and juicy burger. unbearably may be a good restaurant, but they also have some weakness that will make people feel unsatisfied about them. For a very obvious meekness for them is their operation hours. They only operate from Tuesday to Sunday and when come to worse, they only open their restaurant by evening 5 and only operate until night 10.

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Their operation hour make people need to queue for get a seat in their restaurant. Other than that, their concentration on making a nice juicy burger also caused a side effect which every customer need to wait at least minutes before their order can reach to their table. As mentioned in their strengths, they did not put a lot of effort in advertisement and this made their brand awareness highly rely on world- f-mouth. unbearably took a lot of opportunity in starting up their business as they start quite early in Malaysia as a gourmet restaurant that mainly sell burger.

Other than that, their charcoal burger also a core element that grab a lot of market opportunity as they are the first restaurant that introduced a black burger in Malaysia. Furthermore, they took the opportunity to make unbearably this brand a more community concern brand as they run a food donation drive at their outlet during their first and second year anniversary. Last but not least, unbearably choose to sell chicken burger because they now the demand in the market and they took this opportunity to become a restaurant that sell two types of burger.

On the other hand, unbearably have launch a new burger market in Malaysia, so this become other entrepreneurs’ target in setting up an eatery business. Some threat that unbearably facing is caused by creating such new market and attracted new competitors like Fatsos The Burger Bar. Other than that, their location also quite not strategy as the place is hard to find parking, and the shop itself is quite small that hardly can fit in all customers that want to enjoy their burger.

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