Swot Analysis of Malaysian Padini Company

Essay Example on Swot Padini

Padini is a taking trade name in Malaysia. There are broad scope in manner and pricing of the trade names that PADINI carry on. Padini carries SEED. VINCCI. MikiHouse. P & A ; Co. PDI. Padini Authentic and more. Their merchandises non merely fashionable yet besides impersonal which is suited for all type of consumers. Padini holding more than 330 retail mercantile establishments in Malaysia and around the universe of Padini Holding Berhad. Within these a batch of retail mercantile establishment.

Padini is doing certain that they are unbreakable for their rivals. We can establish Padini mercantile establishment about every shopping Centre. Padini is among the celebrated trade name established since 1971 in Malaysia. It strategically located factors and warehouses to guarantee they holding broad market coverage in Malaysia. Beside that. Padini ever guarantee the quality of their merchandises is in higher facet for their trade name and in Ouse trade names under them. holding good quality control. They besides guarantee their merchandises is suited for all ages of consumers.

like Mikihouse selling kid and pregnancy wear. VINCCI selling lady accoutrements.

Essay Example on Swot Padini

The failing of Padini Holding Berhad is the net income is unstable. The consumers passing the budget on garment are depending on the season. In Malaysia. the net income will be at the highest extremum where there is festival season like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya. Another failing of Padini is they have no online shopping web site. For client. they can merely purchase Padini’s merchandise in shops which is non really convenient for the client particularly everyone are busy on working presents.

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they may hold no free clip to shopping. It besides non all the client is populating in the metropolis and near to shopping Centre.

Actually Padini can utilizing the power as market leading to spread out their concern. As a market leader in the retail concern. Padini holding a immense power and chance to spread out their concern to following degree. Padini besides can open more subdivisions to cover loss of possible online client. So far. Padini consider as a celebrated trade name in retail concern which is dressing. lady accoutrements. places. children’s and pregnancy wear and more. Within this countries of concern. possible client is more interested in window shopping instead than online shopping. We think it is a good scheme for PADINI to open more subdivisions in order to pull their clients.

Those betterment besides will convey menaces to Padini Holding Berhad. It will increase competition while they open more subdivisions and spread out their concern. Competition is appear where there are legion other trade names which operate at the same location as Padini. The other trade names compete non merely for market portion and floor infinite. Even though Padini have no famous person indorsement. Padini still pull off to be the led trade name in Malaysia. So it means. the power of Padini this trade name itself is powerful plenty to cover the dainties in the concern. To beef up their trade name. Padini should see offering a famous person indorsement.

Essay Example on Swot Padini

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Swot Analysis of Malaysian Padini Company
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