The Life Changing Effect of Teenage Pregnancy

Life changing, anytime I would hear how people had a life changing event I never truly stopped and listen closely, but these events are actual experiences that mold who we are today, they are the reason why we do what we do and why we do them. I grew up in the heart of Plano where seeing a fancy car was a usual scene, a house with 5 bedrooms and a pool to enjoy after a long baseball practice. My mom and dad the supporting and loving parents that they are, gave me the world always making sure I had 3 homemade meals a day, nice cloths, a awesome car, select baseball teams to better my self on the field.

People would call this life style the “Happy Go Lucky” kind of life.

I have always been a caring hearted person, my mother welded that into me from all of the great caring actions she does for others, but growing up in a faster pace life style shaded me away from the things I could have been doing for others.

Being a part of a division 5-baseball team in high school kept me extremely occupied between schoolwork and not to mention a girlfriend of 5 years. I met Madie when I was in the 7th grade the first girl I took to our middle schools howdy dance, the first high school homecoming, the first prom and the first girl I asked to be my girlfriend. We have been together ever since that day. Madie was a huge part of my life she supported me through all my baseball choices, never missed a game and my family treated her like one of their own.

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Having belief in your self is one thing but having several others believing in you is a very confident feeling that my family and Madie always let me feel.

During my 11th grade year in high school, I was at baseball practice and I received a text from Madie asking if we could go for a walk and talk at the nature preserve. It was a very beautiful spring day out, thought nothing of the request other than a nice peaceful time with her, but haven’t known my life was shortly about to change.

She took me up to the top of the hill where we could see clear into the distance nothing but the sound of the calm wind and baby birds chirping, and she looked at me and said, “ Brandon I have loved you since the 7th grade and couldn’t imagine life without you, no matter what life throws at us I know we will get past this, with faith in god and our strong family’s we will make this accident into a gift from god, I’m Pregnant.” I looked slowly out into the distance and shed a tear and looked at her and said, “I love you Madie and there’s nothing in this world that we cant overcome together”, and I held her tight and kissed her forehead. We shortly told our families a few days after.

Both of our moms were upset but understanding, My father took it very hard not knowing what too say but I could read is thoughts by is facial expressions. I knew the first concern with him was my baseball career coming to a halt. Our families’ soon got together and discussed plans and financial arrangements to make this situation less of a situation. Our final decision was to keep the baby with our families strong religious belief that was the clearest option no matter how hard we knew things would be.

Hebron High school found out about the Situation and asked us if we would be willing to be in an article in the newspaper on Teen Pregnancy, not too promote but to explain our story and reach out to these girls that teen pregnancy is not the end of the world, and we really pushed in this article that life is going to throw you outstanding situations that can be very overwhelming but staying true to who you are and never giving up you will get you through and prosper at the end. There was a lot of positive and negative confrontation after the article but Madie and I stayed strong and believed everything was going to work out in the end.

April 5th 2011, Skylar Ainsley Van Kuilenburg was born a healthy 7 pound 14 ounce baby girl. She has beautiful Crystal Blue eyes had good-looking features like her father, as we all like to say. She was everything I could have asked for and more. No words could describe that day, hitting the game winning Homerun in the bottom of the 9th had no comparison of the pure love and excitement I had that day and it was a feeling I knew would last me the rest of my life.

Driving in my sports car was never the same not only because I couldn’t go fast because of my pride in joy in the backseat, but material items or my social status stopped being the only thing I cared about in life, I had a whole new perspective on what is truly important In life and that’s staying close to the lord and being faithful and true to not only others but your self. Coming out of this I know now that life is one hell of a rollercoaster you are always going to be thrown life tasks and these tasks shape and mold you by the choices you make.

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