My Best Friend and Teenage Pregnancy

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“Well this is strange” I think to myself as I open my phone, and see that I’m currently getting a call from Baileys She neverjust randomly calls me Even though I’m in the middle of dance pictures, I take a second to call my best friend. If she’s calling, it must be important. I miss the call while contemplating whether to answer it, and I decide to call her back As I sit outside of the dance studio, like I do every Monday, all dressed up in an elaborate costume, I call Bailey while tapping my foot impatiently The phone is taunting me with its low deep ring, and I become antsy, then finally I hearjust a casual familiar voice from the opposite end of the phone lines “Hey!” says Bailey in her happy voice, but I automatically can tell there is something hidden underneath her voice; a tone of eagerness and anxiety “What‘s going on?” I ask, trying to get to the point quickly.

“I’m pregnant” Says Bailey calmly as if she was telling me about the weatheri In that very moment, it was as if a train had hit me, pushing me down the track, and l was completely out of control.

As a fourteen-year-old girl, it was not my first instinct to celebrate this news.

As I slowly registered what had just been said to me, I knew life was about to change immensely for the both of us. Thinking about all the hardships my best friend was about to face broke my heart, but I knew I would stay by her side through good times and bad; I made that promise to her long ago.

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Little did I know in those moments outside the dance studio, that I was going to learn about how all young adults should give his life over to God to help one see the light in the darkness, Bailey and I had been friends since third grade, and we did everything together. I loved Bailey and her house had become a second home for me The summer before seventh grade, my parents decided to move me out to Van, TX which was an hour and a half away from Richardson where I had grown up Bailey and I were equally devastated because we knew that we would be growing up with separate lives, which we both dreaded.

By the next summer, Bailey had a new boyfriend, Jordan, who I didn’t like from day one He was a self—centered, undeserving boy who I thought was going to steal my best friend away from me. That following April of 2009, I received the phone call outside the studio that Bailey was a mother-to—be with a boyfriend I did not approve of. After I received the call from Bailey, I knew I had to go see her as soon as possible So the next free weekend, I was in Richardson to be by my friend‘s side, even though I would never fully grasp what she was going through She hadn’t told anyone in her family yet, so we were talking quietly in her room about her unbelievable situation. Word after word, I had become so worked up with emotion I broke down into sobst I had become so overwhelmed with stress for my best friend, and I felt so uncertain about her future, and my own How is she going to handle this pregnancy? If she keeps the baby, does that mean she’s going to forget me? Does that mean her and Jordan are going to be together, forever?

How is she going to tell her mom and dad? Bailey did not understand why I was crying, because she wasn’t worried at all. She acted as if she had some master plan and did not care to share it with me. Frustrated, I wiped my eyes and accepted that getting her to talk to me about her plans was a lost cause. She had planned to keep the miracle that was growing inside of her, and nine months passed faster than we had all expectedt Telling her mom, her dad, having a lovely baby shower, and her classmates finding out had become a thing of the past, and it was the day of delivery. There were struggles along the way, but all that mattered was she had made it to that day, and Bailey’s son, Jayden, was on his way, After a three-hour routine of sleeping on the floor and staring blankly into the waiting room around me, I finally got to go back to the hospital room and see my brand new nephew and Bailey, When I walked into the hospital room, I saw Bailey‘s face light up as her brand new son was being passed around to each loving family member that was surrounding her.

When it was finally my turn to hold Jayden Noah Naemi, I took him anxiously in my arms and then emotion overwhelmed me and rushed from the tips of my toes up to my throat. It was not plans of the future, or worries of where Bailey was going to go from here. In those first few seconds of holding him, I finally understood why Bailey had not been wasting time trying to plan every detail out: God will not put things in our lives that are not purposely placed there In one way or another, we will come out of hardships and become stronger and be a soul of less anxiety and stress, because we should all turn our anxieties over to Him Bailey luckily had realized this sometime ago, perhaps before she became pregnant, but it was the first time I got to witness to her amazing faith in God. It had just taken me longer to get in that place in my life But watching Bailey take on such a huge responsibility with out any fear of the future, is such an example for me anytime I come across struggles in my life, no matter what they might entitle. Watching my 14-year-old friend raise a son is one of the biggest blessings in my life, because it taught me that even if society thinks of a situation negatively, God could always put a positive spin on it; we just have to keep our eyes, hearts, and minds open to them.

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