Which Are the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy?

The following example essay on “Which Are the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy?” tells of the consequences and the causes of pregnancy. There are 3 chief factors that have an influence on adolescent pregnancy: media, family and wanted pregnancy.

The issue of teenage pregnancy is generally seen as a contentious issue, which impacts not just the mom and her kid but culture as a whole. Pregnancy occurs among girls under age 20. This issue is not confined to culture, religion, moral or education values and beliefs.

Below are some facts: Every year almost a million teenage girls become pregnant. A has double the adolescent pregnancy and birth rates compared to any country. One- third of the girls who became pregnant as teens keep their babies (Teenage pregnancy, Robert T. Brown, 2002).

The Media is one of the factors which could diminish the risk that teens take. But a great deal of entertainment and advertising are obsessed with sex but they usually do not demonstrate the negative effects of sex.

People on TV or movies are portrayed as having sex without consequences, which leads to young people thinking that sex is secure and they don’t need to fret about the effects of their acts.

Family is the most important thing for lots of people. But in the last decade, people began to spend the majority of their time. As a consequence of this shift they don’t have sufficient time for their children. The lack of communication leads to loneliness and unhappiness . They don’t feel loved so they begin searching for love somewhere else.

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A number of the adolescents are not developed to make decisions based on understanding of their consequences of the activities. This is called immaturity (Teenage pregnancy, Robert T.

Brown, 2002) Young people also have a sense of being shielded from risky behavior. They hope that anything bad will not happen to them. This myth leads to unprotected sexual activity, with it’s consequences. They feel angry and lonely. Low self-system is connected with melancholy. This can result in sexual activity, alcoholism or drug addiction. Have a inclination to look for man who can give the feeling of being protected and loved to them.

Women become pregnant because they wish to. They would like to make their partners contented or they anticipate the baby will give them love. Women see peers within their circles having a baby. And as the government directs specific amounts of money for kids, they could see the substance advantage for themselves and their families (Teen maternity, Robert T. Brown, 2002)The effects of adolescent pregnancy are not confined to having to determine whether to keep the infant.

The pregnancy influences society, the mother’s health, finances and emotions. One of the difficulty are finances. The amount of money they earn is adequate only for survival. It leads to unsanitary homes unhealthy food and poorly equipped school for medical care and children. It is a problem although A single mother is also forced to pay bills and utilities as others.

Pay bills and to encourage her child causes bodily and psychological stress. Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy has a great effect on emotions and a woman’s psyche. It isn’t only about changes in her body: there are different factors which a mother has to deal with. Including frustration, first bitterness, fear, enthusiasm or confusion. Young mothers become overwhelmed with all the pressure of encouraging their children. Kids suffer for the parents’ mistakes. Their own lives are started by children raised by teenage parents .

They are automatically placed in the course. Children become confused and lonely. A number of these kids end up getting their kids from a young age. Because of schooling they wind up in dead-end tasks, jail or joblessness. (The consequences of adolescent pregnancy on kids, Waltohar)In developed nations, teenage pregnancy usually happens outside of marriage, and for this reason it is viewed as a social stigma in many cultures and communities. In societies, by comparison were adolescent parents are wed pregnancy is accepted by the family and society.

However, in these societies, premature pregnancy may combine with malnutrition and inadequate healthcare to cause medical issues (Teenage pregnancy, Wikipedia 2006)The immediate effects of pregnancy are changes within the body. A teen’s body immediately begins the process and also for preparation for childbirth. A teenager should look at the effects of activities on a baby. Since activities common for teenagers, like drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, lack of sleep or poor eating may have an effect on a developing kid.

Complications in pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of mortality among young women. There are several aspects which could help to fix this problem. If teenagers choose to have a gender, education can teach contraception. It educates individuals about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and intercourse. In my opinion the most significant thing is that parents should realize that they ought to find time for discussion and that they supply for young people throughout their teenage years.

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