The Stress and Depression Accompanied in Teenage Pregnancy

As she waits in the clinic waiting room. her heart begins to pound as she feels the sweat start to head along her hairline. The nurse steps out through a doon/vay, calls her name. and brings her into an officerlike room. There she sits down. where she is told the outcome of her tests. Tears billow from her eyes as she is told in nine months, and at the age of only sixteen. she will become a mother. This has become a growing issue in American society over the last decade.

Whether a teenager is mature enough to deal with the dangers and responsibilities of engaging in sexual activities is a very controversial topic. I personally believe that if an indIVIduaI IS not emotionally. physically, or financially able to deal With the risk of pregnancy at such a young age, abstinence should be sustained. A large number of teenage girls are faced With the stresses of everyday life, including school, life at home, and with friends.

The added stress and complications of pregnancy can make a young girls life a living nightmare. Caring for a small child at such a young age is a responsibility a teenager should not be put through. Emotionally teenagers are not capable of dealing with so many issues at once, and the overwhelming problem of a child on their hands can make matters worse. It has been proven that complications are more common in pregnancies of young women and teenagers.

Complete physical development is something greatly needed to survive through a full term pregnancy.

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Agrueling nine-month pregnancy can wreck havoc on a young body adding danger to both the mother and baby, PreVious knowledge of these risks should help teenagers act more cautiously in their chorces to engage in sexual acts. Not many teenagers are able to hold a good paying job and attend school at the same time. Depending on parents or guardians will not be an option most teens can take advantage of for the rest of their lives, For many years people have known a sufficient education is key to getting somewhere in life. However. if a teenager is pregnant, they are more likely to drop out of school before graduating. Without aiob, decent education, and lack of financial support, a teenager would need to struggle a lot in order to keep themselves and child healthy. High-risk situations such as teenage pregnancies should always be avoided at all costs. Teenage pregnancies can cause a lot of emotional distress in a young girl 3 life. There is also a very large chance that physical health or financial needs can be harmed when care for ayoung child is needed. Adolescence is supposed to be one of the best and most enjoyable times of life. The added stress and problems of a pregnancy should not ruin an extremely important time like this.

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