The Importance of Multimedia in Business, Government and Education

Multimedia application can be used throughout all the business arenas. These applications in many cases assist the consumers see the product in a vivid display of activities. With multimedia, the buyer is easily educated on the product that they are thinking about purchasing. When there are corporate meetings taking place, instead of verbal and a poster board chart conferences, the audiovisual attributes produces sound that enhances the visual aids on the monitor. Multimedia can be used in the work place by using Virtual Reality (V.

R.), Real Player, and Microsoft Power Point programs to enhance the product or presentations.

Virtual Reality has been known to help though the medical field for operations that are pre-thought. Virtual Reality gives the doctors options on whether or not that they want to operate ona patient with a certain procedure. This form of multimedia action has saved a lot of lives throughout recent medical history. Virtual Reality is also used in the military for combat exercises and for driving techniques.

Virtual Reality has come in handy for simulations for on ground war and air to air combat exercises. In fact the United States Navy has recently made it known that they will be using Virtual Reality in the practicing of landing planes on air craft carries. The military is able to better prepared to train soldiers that have to get ready for guerilla warfare or a dog fight (air combat) that has to be fought in a 5,000 ft- 10,000 ft range.
These Virtual Reality procedures have been shown to save money, peoples lives, and time whena variety of multimedia procedures are used in concert.

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The Real Player program is visual audio multimedia program.

The real player audiovisual is able to produce live images as like a videotape in a VCR. The program allows anyone during a meeting to record it and down load the recording online and let others view the meeting. Or the visual audio can be e-mailed to someone with the real player program already installed in their computer. The visual audio could be shown to someone that has missed the meeting due personal difficulty and the information that has been missed can be reviewed. That person can then be totally updated from the video. Businesses are able to have on-line conferences with people that are miles away. Further with this service the person on the other side is still able to see the product from the comfort of his house and a decision can be made as to whether or not he wishes to buy or decline. With that capability, time and money is saved for those involved in the business of making decisions and purchases.

Microsoft Power Point of one of the most used multimedia programs that college student’s use for their presentations. Some colleges require that their students know how to use the Power Point program in order to do some of the presentations in their classes. Students that have use Power Point are able to show a slide show of the product of which they are referring to. The Power Point presentation is capable of showing graphs and playing audio while slide show is going. Those aids help bring the presentation to life and to be more interesting and more distinctive. Power Point can adjust to the speaker’s time limit when he presenting or discussing his product. In the business world Power Point is useful for everyone doing presentations on a slide show.

When Power Point came on the market the ease of its use made it an instant success for the even the least trained person in the computer world. This product has been used by teachers, students, small businesses, home based businesses, Fortune 500 companies, colleges, b0ards of education, and governmental agencies. In conclusion multimedia programs are needed and used throughout the business, government, educational world. Multimedia enhances the presentation thus making it more interesting. With Virtual Reality, Real Player, and Power Point the consumer is able to choose the product that they feel comfortable with. This allows for the best presentation to be made
by the presenter to his audience. It has been noted that in some cases when observers sees the product in a presentation, they are more interested in buying the multimedia materials than the product being shown.

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