The Importance of Voting and Opinion in Government

The discussion with the Afghan Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Zahir Tanin spoke about the future of Afghanistan post 2014 pull out of the U.S. and coalition forces. Professor Rajan Menon moderated the discussion. He asked him three different questions. The first question was about the most proud achievements of Afghanistan in the past 13 years.

Dr. Tanin responded that it was the improvement of schools and the rebuilding of infrastructure. During the war in the country was destroyed and it negatively affected the economy. The victory of the country led to the establishment of the new state with the focus on the people. There was also an investment of $4 billion into the infrastructure. Strengthening the security is one of many goals for the country. The second question was about how the Afghanistan army deals with other forces at play. Many factors can influence the future of Afghanistan. One is the organized crime in Pakistan as well as the influence of the Taliban.

The views of the Taliban are astonishing after 12 years. One view is that the West despite the setbacks they still want to participate as part of the government. Taliban is anti-government because they use their forces that people vote on Election Day. China has a strong influence on Afghanistan, it will influence the decisions based on its projects in the region. Either Afghanistan will fall into the traps of the ISIS or it will become a booming region.

After attending the event, I recalled what I learned about the importance of voting and having an opinion in government.

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I was surprised that there is a higher voter turnout in Afghanistan compared to the United States. This shows that other countries want to exercise their democratic rights and the meaning of citizenship.

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