The Importance of Love, Relationships and Family Traditions in the Poem Legacies by Nikki Giovanni

For generations family traditions have been passed down from the eldest family members to the next in line. In the poem Legacies by Nikki Giovanni, the theme of independence is used to describe the relationship between the grandmother and the granddaughter. In my opinion, the poem gives an example of the grandmother showing she wants to be in the company of her granddaughter and the granddaughter is afraid of learning how to make the rolls because that would mean she would need her grandmother lesst Family traditions, relationships and love are the main points in the poem.

Family traditions can be a trait, attitudes, customs that are inherited down to younger family members. In the poem Legacies by Nikki Giovanni, the grandmother wants to teach her granddaughter how to make rolls. She may have wanted to teach her granddaughter this custom for many reasons.

It could have been to have her company, to teach her how to make something she can later pass down to her children, or to plainly just create a bonding moment Regardless it is something that the grandmother wanted to do with her granddaughter which meant a lot to her.

Family relationships are built via family traditions. Relationships between family members may have a stronger connection because of the time put into passing down family traditions. In the poem Legacies, the granddaughter did not want to learn how to make the rolls because she thought if her grandmother passes away she wouldn’t need to depend on her spirit.

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The granddaughter wanted to keep her relationship with her grandmother as long as she has her around even if that means still having her grandmother in mind after her death. Most families keep in mind their ancestors and elders and how they have maintained a family together through traditions.

The love between the grandmother and granddaughter is also shown in the poem by showing the bond they have. Even though it is never spoken of the author shows in describing how the granddaughter reacts when she tells her grandmother “I don’t want to know how to make no rolls”, while poking her lips out and how the grandmother reacts to her response saying “lord these Children”, both showing a sense of their love for each other without actually saying what they meant Being part of a family with traditions that are passed down from generation to generation can mean a lot to one person. Family traditions, the relationships we build with our family and the love we have for one another can all be described by this one poem.

These lines suggest that the grandmother’s legacy will live on, even after she has passed away. Her love and wisdom will continue to be felt and passed down through the generations, embodied in the family traditions and skills that she has taught her granddaughter. Overall, “Legacies” emphasizes the importance of love, relationships, and family traditions. The poem speaks to the enduring nature of these connections, even in the face of change and adversity, and celebrates the power of the legacies that we pass down from one generation to the next.

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