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In Fondo al Tuo Cuore Maurizio de Giovanni Review
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Tullio Iovine del Castello thinks of Sisinella and smiles until it hits the pavement. In the darkness of a relentlessly hot night of the Chair of Gynecology crashes on the Regia Università di Napoli from the window of his office of the Policlinico . on the fourth floor has killed himself the acknowledged specialist on the peak of his career, or was he thrust down? His case concerned the next morning the whole town, for he had helped the women…...
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The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni ’68-’98
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Theme Timeless Themes- The desire for a Revolution for the oppressed (128), justice, power hungry people (135), hypocritical society, loneliness, faith, judgement Theme Fiercely Political - L.B. Johnson (16), Nixon(80), Hoover (22), MLK (51), Rosa Parks, (60) Theme (Nikki's) Personal Life- Black women, lover, mother, teacher, artist. "Nikki-Rosa"(53). Her poems from "My House" of 1972 reflect much of her personal life, loved ones, enemies, living spaces, and experiences; almost autobiographical. Cancers (339). Metaphor Metaphorical Panther- in reference to Black Panthers~…...
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