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Nikki Giovanni, The Princess of Black Poetry
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Some people descried Nikki Giovanni as been a Histon/ of Nikkis Family and Early Childhood. Awoman named Emma Watson was born in 1890, then at the early age of nineteen was married to John Brown Watson. John was a shy, gentle man who was twenty years older than his Wife Emma. Emma gave birth to their first daughter on January 5, 1919, thins was Nikkis mother, Yolanda Cornelia Watson. Soon after the birth of their child the Wastons had to…...
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A Look at the Society’s Mindless Assumptions in Nikki Rosa by Nikki Giovanni and Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Words • 742
Pages • 3
Nikki Giovanniis " Nikki Rosa " and Edwin Arlington Robinsonis " Richard Cory " both reveal that monetary wealth does not bring forth happiness. Each poem embodies unexpected conclusions which lead the reader to realize that the true lives of the speaker are misconceived by societyts narrow-minded use of assumption and face values. Richard Cory, awealthy and unhappy man, and Nikki Rosa, a poor yet happy child, are both lodged by their wealth or lack of wealth, praying that one…...
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The Importance of Love, Relationships and Family Traditions in the Poem Legacies by Nikki Giovanni
Words • 523
Pages • 3
For generations family traditions have been passed down from the eldest family members to the next in line. In the poem Legacies by Nikki Giovanni, the theme of independence is used to describe the relationship between the grandmother and the granddaughter. In my opinion, the poem gives an example of the grandmother showing she wants to be in the company of her granddaughter and the granddaughter is afraid of learning how to make the rolls because that would mean she…...
LoveNikki GiovanniTradition
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Society During the Black Arts Movement in the Poem For Saundra by Nikki Giovanni
Words • 523
Pages • 3
Within Nikki Giovanni poem, “For Saundra”, one can assume that poem speaks about the society during the Black Arts Movement. In stanza 2. lines 879, the speaker's neighbor asked ".t. do you ever write/ tree poems..." In line 15, Giovanni replies through her view point that the environment which she was living in was filled with asphalt...” This help reveal the image of what the mid 20th century In New York looked like with black musicians. artists. and poets trying…...
Nikki GiovanniPoetryPolitics
American Literature and the Life of Yolande Cornelia Nikki Giovanni
Words • 770
Pages • 4
Nikki (Yolande Cornelia) Giovanni has made an enormous impact on African American literature. She uses her own experiences to write wonderful poetry. In the poem Nikki-Rosa, Nikki Giovanni writes the opposite about her growing up in her family. When I first read this poem, I pictured a poverty-stricken family living in a small apartment, much like the Younger family in A Raisin in the Sun. Evidently, the family is poor because they have no inside toilet and take baths in…...
American LiteratureNikki GiovanniPoetry
The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni ’68-’98
Words • 802
Pages • 4
Theme Timeless Themes- The desire for a Revolution for the oppressed (128), justice, power hungry people (135), hypocritical society, loneliness, faith, judgement Theme Fiercely Political - L.B. Johnson (16), Nixon(80), Hoover (22), MLK (51), Rosa Parks, (60) Theme (Nikki's) Personal Life- Black women, lover, mother, teacher, artist. "Nikki-Rosa"(53). Her poems from "My House" of 1972 reflect much of her personal life, loved ones, enemies, living spaces, and experiences; almost autobiographical. Cancers (339). Metaphor Metaphorical Panther- in reference to Black Panthers~…...
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