The Importance of Exercise and Nutrition

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This article was about the relationships between exercise and nutrition with the brain. Data shows that today’s youth has begun increasingly unfit due to changes in diet over the years as a result of industrialization and changing environments. To supplement this data, there is also a strong correlation between being overweight and poor academic performance. This essentially shows that diet plays a large role when it comes to the development and health of brain structure and function. Reasons for this include the fact that diet provides the building blocks for the brain to create and maintain neural connections.

However, diet is not the whole picture.

Exercise plays an equally important role due to the fact that it is able to decrease the unhealthy effects of a high-fat diet and maximizing the good effects of proper nutrient intake. This cause and effect is not only true for the youth, but also true for elders as it stops the effects of aging in many different ways.

Studies have shown that exercise helps maintain cognitive function in the elderly and prevent the cognitive decline that comes with aging. It has been proven in many studies that nutrients and exercise affect the brain. Yet, how exactly does it bring about this causation. One of the reasons is that exercise supports something called brain plasticity. This brain plasticity is essentially the brain’s ability to adapt to change and acquire new information by changing neural connections and function. As a result, it helps improve the brain’s overall cognition.

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Other underlying factors include that exercise helps promote nerve growth and multiple molecular processes given there is adequate nutrient.. This article really shows the importance of exercise and nutrition on the brain which is essential to our daily lives. Many seem to underestimate its effects and thus do not make appropriate efforts to change their diets or exercise habits. This article can help change those who think in such a way. In my opinion, this article helps solidify the reason of why everyone should do exercise and maintain a proper diet because of the myriad of positive health benefits.

The thing is that most people actually already have the right idea about this correlation/causation, but still do not put in the effort to do this when they know it is the right thing to do. This article can once again serve to solidify the positive image of exercise and nutrition on the brain and push people past the contemplation stage and somewhere closer to the stage where they take action. By focusing more on the effects on the brain, I think the article can appeal to students who are very concerned about academic performance to realize that exercise must be a part of their daily lives as well. I chose this particular article due to the fact that many students at Tech don’t seem to value nutrition or exercise as much as they should. If they only took courses of action to change, they may see positive effects in terms of academic performance and decreases in stress.

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