Letter To My Mom About Importance Of Exercise For Health

Dear Mom,

Last week, you went to the hospital to do the health routine checkup. I received the result that you sent me and it gets me worried about you. You have high blood pressure and cholesterol. If you do not do something to take care of yourself, this can be dangerous to your health. Since I live far away, I did my research what the risk is. I am writing this letter to you about how dangerous of how lack of physical activity can cause you.

A lack of physical activity is a dangerous factor that can cause the non-communicable disease, such as heart attack, cancer, diabetes, etc. Nowadays, this is one of the biggest concerns around the world. 23% adults and 81% of teenagers are not active enough to achieve their goals for the physical activity requirements in one day. One thing surprised me is women are more likely to lead inactive lifestyles than men. Also, older adults are less active than younger adults.

In 2002, the World Health Organization (WHO) calculated around 2 million deaths per year due to the lack of physical activity (Reshma, 2010). Also, they issued a warning to people to change their lifestyle.

According to the statistic, 60 to 85% of people around the world have spent a lot of time to sit or do nothing and avoid any physical activity. It is becoming one of the biggest concerns to the public health problems. Nearly two-thirds of children around the world are overweight and obesity due to the inactive lifestyle and eat many fast foods, which can lead to the serious implication for their future health.

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Along the tobacco use, physical inactivity and poor diet, nutrition become part of the modern-day lifestyle which leads to the rise of many diseases (Reshma, 2010). Indeed, about 15% of the 1.6 million newly diagnosed chronic diseases each year due to the sedentary lifestyle (Knight, 2012).

As we get older, inactivity tends to increase. It can easy to understand because older people are easily getting tired and have a lot of pain problem with their bodies, such as back pain, headache, etc. Second, people who lack physical activity have a greater risk of high blood pressure. Also, did you remember the stress that you told me about that because you cannot have a good sleep last week? I found out that if a person who does not do exercise frequently, it can cause anxiety and depression. Third, the lack of exercise can cost muscles strength, bones get weaker and lose some mineral content. That is very important to acknowledge people, especially old people because most of them think exercise in old age will cause injury, nothing good come out from that.

Everything is wrong and opposite from what we think is true. The health risk of an inactive lifestyle can cause high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, heart diseases, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cancers, osteoporosis, and falls. Based on the research, a person who lacks physical activity, will develop coronary heart disease, and also, type 2 diabetes, breast or colon cancer at the same time. Researchers compare the lack of physical activity can be as dangerous as smoking. According to the American Council on Exercise, if muscles cannot reach their full capacity. The muscles will be breaking down. As the result, lean muscles are going to lose and the fat tissues cover outside the muscle. It is going to get worst because the metabolism will become slow and gain more fat. This is the reason lead to low back pain and it explains why old people get more back pain to compare to young ones.

Besides that, researchers from the American College of Sports Medicine shows that inactivity has many effects on mental health. It explained why overweight people easy to get stress and mental breakdown. Heart considered as a muscle. When the body cannot get enough exercise, heart decline in cardiovascular which lead to fat attack the heart. Also, fat enter the valves, chambers of the heart and cause the heart attack. Exercise keep blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels.

It is hard for people who have been inactive for a while to start doing exercise. From day to day, starting slowly is the key to build up your routine. Then, adding more exercise when the body gets used to it. The more exercise we do, the body will be getting better. We do not have to do “actual” exercise or go to the gym. There are many ways to be active even when you are at home. You can go for a walk around in your neighborhood, take dad with you to have someone to chat when you two are exercising. Then, while watching TV, instead of using the remote, we can get up and change the channels by yourself. Besides that, housework and gardening can be considered as the exercise to keep yourself active around your house.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they recommend adult, who are around from 18 to 64 years old, must do at least 150 minutes (around 2.5 hours) of moderate intensity of physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity or combine both throughout the week (Reshma, 2010). It will reduce by 10% of 533,000 deaths each year, so more than 1.3 million deaths can be avoided. Besides regular exercise, good nutrition is very important to get a good health. Each year, in the United States, 300,000 deaths caused by poor eating habits (Knight, 2012). It is good to consider switching the nutrition habits to prevent high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, which are the main impact of heart disease and stroke. Then, physical activity can help to slow down the aging process, balance the flexibility and mental health, and improve the quality of life. 

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