''Food and Nutrition'' Should Be Removed from the School Curriculum

The school curriculum is a program designed to improve the skills of students in specific domains by introducing them to specific subjects. Of course, not all subjects will be loved by students. If I could remove one subject from the school curriculum it would be the ‘Food and Nutrition’ subject because it is not an academic subject according to me. The subjects taught in schools should aim at making students excel academically. ‘Food and Nutrition’ is important, especially for youngsters because they can learn cooking and how to eat healthy.

Its importance is recognized but instead of placing it as a subject, it can be placed as an extra-curricular activity. This way, students will not spend more time cooking rather than studying. Offering ‘Food and Nutrition as a choice of subject limits the opportunity of students to choose other important subjects such as ‘Accounting’ or ‘Literature’.

Even ‘Mathematics’ has its own importance in fields such as finance, administrative and teaching. These subjects have more openings than ‘Food and Nutrition’.

Students taking this as a subject are limited to being a cookery teacher or open their own cookery class. If students wish to excel in cookery they can always opt for learning it through private class. Also the assessment criteria for ‘Food and Nutrition’ becomes quite problematic. On which basis should the student excel in cooking. Cookery is always subject to change depending on the taste of the person. One person may find a dish to be excellent while someone else may not really find the food tasty.

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All in all, the importance of Food and Nutrition’ is not being cast aside. I acknowledge it can be a very useful guide to learn about food and cooking. But it is not strong enough to place it as a subject in the school curriculum. But it always be an excellent choice for extra-curricular activities for students.

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