The Importance and Application of a Classroom Management Plan

In my study of articles I have found many tips for classroom management. Unfortunately, many of these are aimed at elementary school teachers. As I am interested in teaching secondary education, I was excited to find this article on classroom management tips for new high school teachers. I feel I will be able to use these simple ideas to better manage my class.

The article explains the huge difference between elementary school students and those at the high school level: sophisticated social skills.

With these come an understanding of respect and most high school students want to feel they are respected and heard before they will respond to a teacher. If the teacher makes it clear that students, and their opinions, are met with respect, the teacher will see much better outcomes and see less need for discipline.

The purpose of any good high school teacher’s classroom management plan should be prevention. That is, the plan should aim to teach students what is expected of them and let students, as young adults, follow within the plan’s guidelines.

The teacher is simply a facilitator, making adjustments as needed and enforcing the standards of the plan. In this way, the teacher is not a disciplinarian. Students must meet the demands of the plan, making it the “enemy” if rules are not followed, instead of the teacher.

Due to the importance of the classroom management plan and guidelines, teachers must be very clear as to what is included in the plan. It should be made available to students and parents and posted as a reminder.

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The plan must deal with issues consistently and frequently. The plan must be unbiased to all students; it cannot discriminate against a certain gender or race, or even a certain club or campus group. The plan should be mapped out in advance and discussed with students through role-play. In this way students know exactly what will happen as a result of their actions.

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