The books and other reading supplies will be placed in a well lit quiet area so that the children will have peace and quiet when they are doing these activities and also be able to see what they are reading. The children’s personal belongings such as jackets and back packs will be placed in a closet for them when they enter into the classroom. So they will not be in the way when the children are walking around to avoid them tripping, and also during activity time so there is nothing to distract them from learning.

The school supplies will be placed in each child’s desk so they will be accessible at any time of the day.

The walls and bulletin boards will be validly decorated with different types of learning guides Just In case the children need to look at them for a quick reference. The computers If there are any or other types of electronic devices the children may need help with powering on or activating will be place close by the teachers’ desk so the teacher can get back and forth to these items without distracting any of the other students by walking across the classroom, and so the coacher will be able to guide the children during these activities.

Each item will be neatly placed so that is will be visible at all times. In motivating the students it is the teachers’ duty to make sure that they stay on task. It is good for the teacher to interact with the child so that they will know that they can always ask for help with the things that they don’t quite understand.

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Also, the teacher should let them know when they are doing a good Job, and to encourage them to do better when they are not doing such a good Job. This could be accomplished by Glenn the child Incentives and always having an open communication with the children.

Successful Classroom Management Essay

Sometimes by just telling the kids they are doing a good job will keep them motivated and wanting to do well. When disciplining the children taking a step by step process would probably be the best answer for a classroom of younger children. Things such as pulling strips would be effective if you have some type of key set up for the process. Using colors or number would be a great way for the kids to get a general of how the whole thing works. Such as pulling one strip is Just a warning, pulling two strips is alone time, time out, or some other type of reflection time for the children.

Pulling three strips can be a call home, and four could be getting sent to the principal or higher authority and letting them deal with the problem. Another thing that would be effective Is letting them know they types of things that will absolutely not be tolerated such as fighting, profanity, and classroom disruption and letting them know that these things will have instant disciplinary action taken. I nee teaching style Tanat ten well De uses well De Dates on ten constructivist tenure.

This will allow the children to interact during activities and lessons, opposed to sitting down in a controlled environment where the teacher stands in front of the class and Just talks and talks and lets them take notes. This will help the children stay alert and also keep them interested in what’s going on. Using different activities such as group discussions, partner activities, games, and even crafts will help keep them wanting to do more, instead of being bored and falling asleep during instruction mime.

In conclusion, when the children are giving the freedom to have learning time where they are actually part of what’s going on opposed to the behaviorism theory where the teacher is in total control of the classroom and everything else that goes on in it. It seems to be more enjoyable. The children get to interact more and have some control of what going on around them while they are learning. In doing so the children are happier and want to learn more and more because they are having so much fun that they sometimes forget that they are even learning at all.

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