The Importance of Reinforcement in a Classroom

In this assignment, I observed my host teacher teach a lesson. While he taught the lesson, I noted that he was writing on the board to give kids some-what of a visual to look at, and he was asking the class questions pertaining to the spelling lesson. I-Ie allowed students to give examples of words with certain spelling patterns, Students, for the most part, reacted well to this, as most seemed engaged in the lesson, and eager to answer questions. There were a couple students who were not attentive.

One, who is usually not attentive, another, who was sitting separate from all the other students as punishment for acting up in a class earlier, and another, who was reading a book. Overall, the lesson was effective, because once he turned the kids loose to find words on their own of certain spelling patterns, the majority understood what to do and did it with ease. Field Assignment #8 In this assignment, I interviewed two cultural minority students.

I asked them how long they have been at the school they are in, to which the first one replied, “Since Kindergarten” and the other replied, “Since second grade.”

Next, I asked them what they like most about school. The first one enjoyed seeing her friends, and the second one enjoyed recess. I also asked them what they like least about school, and both of them said they do not like homework. Lastly, I asked if there is anything that teachers can do to help them learn better.

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The first one said she would like more help from the teacher when she does not understand things. The second one said that she could not think of anything, Given these students’ responses, some things that a teacher could do to make learning better for cultural minority students would be to be patient, and provide plenty of individual help when the students request it. Another thing would be for teachers to look at the student’s past in other schools, and determine if there is anything they should consider when teaching the students Lastly, teachers could also develop resources for their students to access outside of school that will help them with homework and make it more enjoyable.

Field Assignment #9 In this assignment, I observed students from several cultural minority groups and noted where they sit, who they talk to, if they are attentive, and if they participate in classroom discussions or activities. As far as seating went, they were assigned seats by the teacher. However, they did all seem grouped into three tables on the left side of the classroom. Two of the students I observed seemed to make friends and talk with all of those around them, but they also talked to each other quite a bit as well. The other one did not talk much in class, as she is very quiet. She did occasionally say something to the other students sitting at her table. Two of the students I observed were attentive in class, The other one, was not quite as attentive. This girl is labeled as special ed and that may have something to do with it Lastly, only one of the students participated in classroom discussions. The other two, I have not seen speak once during a discussion.

From this, and other days in the class, I have observed that the quiet student actually does fairly well, she is just quiet. The one who actively participates in class room discussions also does fairly well. However, the one that is special ed does not do quite as well. These students are all of different ethnic backgrounds, and the teacher does not appear to do a lot to accommodate their differences, at least not from what I have observed, He seems to teach as usual, without encouraging them to participate, or providing sufficient individual help where needed. Field Assignment #10 For this assignment, I observed whether or not my host teacher had high expectations for all of his students. I actually did not have to observe much, as I figured out quickly that he did not have high expectations based on how he talks to me about his students.

However, he did seem to make an effort to make it appear as if he had high expectations when dealing with the students. One way that I observed this was during an art projects Students were basically supposed to draw a haunted house He used one student’s project, which was well done, and showed it to the classroom and said he wants all of theirs to fill up the page as this kid’s didi Some things that I am learning about high expectations for students that will help me become an effective teacher are that not all students are able to perform the same, but it is my job to see to it that they perform to the best of their ability, However, I cannot expect all students to give the same quality of works I should also make it apparent to the students that I expect them to perform to the best of their ability, and not allow them to think otherwise, as they need an adult who believes in them Field Assignment #13 In this assignment, I observed teacher-student interaction. I observed some reinforcers that the teacher used.

One example that was used several times for different students was “yes” or “no” cards If students are seen behaving well, they receive a paper that says “yes’fl They put their name on it, and drop it in a box that is drawn out of at the end of the week for a reward “No“ cards are given for bad behavior, and also go in the box, Students responded well to this when they knew cards might get handed out by behaving well, This is an attempt to reinforce good behavioral performance. The reinforcers are tangible, as the cards and the rewards potentially given can be easily seen and held It could also be social reinforcing though as well. If a student is handed a no card, they have to walk up to the box and drop their card in as the class watchesr Overall, I think reinforcers can be effective, but if the right type of reinforcers are not used, then good behavior is only temporary. I hope that I can use reinforcement in my classroom to help kids be intrinsically motivated to do well, rather than expect a reward for doing well.

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