The History Of Baltimore's Joël Dicker Review

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The following sample essay on the “History of Baltimore” by Marcus Goldman. The Swiss author Joël Dicker is back. After his successful bestselling debut, “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair” has just been published in German successor. The focus of the “History of Baltimore” is again the writer Marcus Goldman, but this time takes care of the own family history. For “the Baltimore” are actually brighter, happier branch of Goldman family, the New England-Baltimore, Maryland, blossomed, while “the Mont Clair”, the Goldman from the unglamorous provincial town Montclair, New Jersey, as the epitome of failure and debt apply.

This is certainly the simple worldview that Marcus’ cultivate grandparents.

Originally there was only one Family Goldman, and it was the most prestigious of the area. Grandpa Max Goldman ran a thriving company for medical needs, thereby laying the foundation of prosperity his family. The sons of Saul and Nathan, would carry on the company during the Sixties and Seventies. Both manage to own solid foundations: Nathan studied engineering, joins the company as director, married and have a son, Marcus.

Saul (against the wishes of the father) lawyer, married Anita and also have a son, Hillel. But then escalate a dispute to a radical break between Saul and the proud patriarch Max. Although the family some years together again later, their paths have since far apart in every way.

In the nineties live the grandparents in a small apartment in Miami, with Saul Hillel in Baltimore and Nathan Marcus in Montclair.

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It is, commuting time in Marcus Goldman between the two branches, the living connection forms, enabling him later in a position to be the broad, busy family saga chronicled. He learned early that he was not born with golden spoons in the mouth. His mother earned as a shop assistant in a fashion store, a little to the family drives a puny Honda. During the holidays, long weekends and public holidays, but at the boy gets to know the other side. The “Baltimore” He spends the “best time of childhood and adolescence”

The “Baltimore.” – these are beings of another dimension, “darlings of the gods” in the glare universal happiness of success and wealth crowned, highly valued by the grandparents and bluntly preferred. Uncle Saul, star lawyer, is also committed to the socially disadvantaged, Aunt Anita is a doctor, cousin Hillel attended a private school. You live in Oak Park, where everything bigger, more beautiful, “happier, more fulfilled, more ambitious” and even the Sunday joggers trot therefore “athletic”. When Saul returns home in his chauffeur-driven luxury sedan from his office, it insure the barely perceptible hand signals between the security guard and that he belongs to him here, in a world of and exquisite, closed to any grievance, servants all the tedious tasks in and around the luxury, monumental house take.

The young visitors from Montclair alternative world is completely absorbed here. During the train ride, it exchanges its narrow “Montclair suit” against noble “Baltimore-cloth”. Uncle and aunt spoil him generous, cousin Hillel and he are like brothers. Recently, the family has taken a boy who Saul was noticed in a home for maladjusted. Woodrow Finn ( “Woody”), about the same age as the cousins, comes from a broken home. Although he was repeatedly arrested by the police for minor offenses to which others have put him, it’s got a good core. No ifs and buts is Woody integrated as “Baltimore” and lives befitting as such in the lap of luxury.

Hillel, Woody and Marcus develop into an inseparable, fraternal “Trinity”. The “best of friends” pledge to each other, their blood mingling everlasting loyalty. When she is fifteen years old, they take the newly drawn seventeen year old Alexandra Neville on in her waistband. How Hardly surprisingly, found Marcus and the girl soon to each other, because both are artistic natures. Later both follow their success marks: While the songwriter of millions of fans adored, Marcus become the “rising star on the American literary sky”.

Also jock Woody opens a brilliant career. High school coach discovers his exceptional talent, Woody trained hard and ambitious, Hillel coaching him. But just before signing a multi-million dollar professional contract in the National Football League, he flies on for doping. Woody insists on his innocence, suspected a conspiracy, crashes do not want to live with the “Baltimore”. The drama is taking off, crashing against a seething disaster that eventually discharges into a melodramatic scene.

Marcus Goldman’s novel is the fulfillment of a promise to his beloved Uncle Saul, a kind of monument to his cousins ​​who Goldman guys and apology for his own culpable entanglements. Thanks to its wily structure you can put aside the book difficult. The family epic is treated in flashbacks interspersed with the storyline about the relationship between the narrator and Alexandra, childhood friend, lover and superstar. These trucks and plenty of breaks in the course of action to ensure that we always when the voltage reaches its peak, stop and have to be patient.

On top of that already announces the prologue a fatal development of a disaster that overshadowed everything back told happiness like a dark, towering up to a storm cloud over five hundred pages. So you forfeit the “Baltimore” literally, the announced catastrophe, when and for what reason the “darlings of the gods” will probably cast out of paradise awaits. Even the protagonist is many a secret for years hidden, some event puzzling until it will capture all the connections at the end (in 2012).

” Le Livre de Baltimore < “Joël Dicker: “Le Livre de Baltimore” at”

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