"The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair" of Joël Dicker

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Where’s merely Marcus Goldman’s new manuscript? His agent and his publisher slowly losing patience, and an immense penalty he faces if he does not finally presents a promising concept. After all, before the whole world only by Barack Obama’s sensational catchment speaks to the White House (which is increasingly likely), must Goldman’s second novel have cleared at least as much furore and Checkout as his celebrated debut.

But the Thirty Years’ comet in the literary sky brings no word on paper, the source of his spiritual inspiration has dried up.

In his distress he remembers his former professor and mentor Harry Quebert, of the Guidelines as this was brought home to him: “Words are all well and good … But do not write to be read Be to make their voices heard about  gain ” to know each other have both when Marcus in 1998 on Burrows College, a” modest Province high school “in Massachusetts, enrolled; Harry, then 57, headed the literary department.

He had higher orders of literature mid-seventies earned his award-winning novel “The origin of evil”.

The scandalous love story between a 34-year-old man and a five-year-olds had quite time America fascinated. Soon the two were more than close friends. The secluded, introverted Harry developed a kind of father-son relationship with Marcus, his “knowledge helped to learn the craft of writing and take the fear of the literary world (what a publisher is? A failed writer whose father abundant coal had and it could enable him to acquire the talent of others”).

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Meanwhile, Harry enjoys a quiet life in the seclusion of New England small town of Aurora, one of the few places in America where evil has no chance. In “Goose Cove,” Harry’s “writers Villa” on the cliffs above the sea, hoping Marcus recharge your batteries, to feel inspired to overcome his writer’s block.

But the events roll over Marcus. Before he leaves for Aurora, he learns of Harry on the phone, which a short time broadcasted later all media in the public: On his site was the corpse of since August 1975 lost Nola Kellergan, 15, discovered – and next to it a manuscript of “The origin of evil “; Now its author was arrested on suspicion of murder; he is convicted, he faces the death penalty.

Marcus, emblazoned in the bookcase a signed copy of “origin”, his mentor would be in the most difficult phase of his life aside. He goes immediately to Aurora, relates the villa, contacted his lawyer, Harry visited the detention center and believe his protestations of innocence. Because according to police records Nola was observed on the day of her disappearance in August 1975 by an old widow. The crying girl was pursued down the street by a man who has treacherously wounded with a bat had. Covered in blood, she dragged herself to the house of the woman, the perpetrator followed her and shot the widow. Since then every trace of Nola missing.

But in the bigoted town finds aufreizendere Date unmasked celebrities greater appeal. No man who has not sought the precocious underage Nola! No mother would not have chosen the famous author as a good match for my daughter! No one who had the two not detested for having begun a flirtation with one another! And now everyone, ripping his mouth about the fine professor in their midst in fact a perverse pedophile sex offender is …

In fact, the evidence is overwhelming, Harry can not contribute to his defense a lot, and Marcus made it abundantly clear that his demands are undesirable in the closed and blinded by prejudice villagers, especially as he stirs up all kinds of dirt. Hang initially anonymous messages on the door ( “Go home, Goldman.”) Eventually goes Harry’s Villa in flames.

In what a hornet’s nest Marcus has stabbed in there? In collaboration with Gahalawood, a sympathetic state police, he leads his own investigation, and by the way, he is laying the foundation for his new novel, “The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair”. As a central figure, Nola turns. , Was she a ‘babe in the woods’ or entertained them even relations with several men? Could – despite secretly – but someone note of have achieved what between Harry and her happening? The deeper Marcus drilled, the more unexpected news comes to light, whereby the hitherto unblemished image obtained his Master cracks. We hardly be convinced by a new version of the truth, we have to prepare ourselves again on the next version, and at the very end does the world then was very different … The strategy of permanent expressions have Joël Dicker author for confusing . pleasure well designed its readers and realized logically consistent

he is quite consistent with the premise, after his two writer-colleague Harry and Marcus have so far rushed quite fluid through life: “life is a sham. ” Even in high school, Marcus has earned a perfect con man nicknamed “The Fabulous”; his degree he owes only clever cheating. And the famous Harry is cut from the same cloth: No one in New York knew the Blender, which had printed his first book at his own expense in Brooklyn. After all, the two had success; however, several other figures must likewise constantly cheat, in order to preserve their outward appearance, but stay on the side of the Loser, such as a rich son of an entrepreneur who has to hide his homosexuality; a chauffeur with terribly disfigured face, the passionate indulges his painting; a sectarian preacher and his wife, who do good to drive out evil . A husband who makes his wife at night with sleeping pills quiet.

This novel combines several genres: it is crime, American small-town drama, romance and a Lolita-swipe at the literary scene. Although some already known episode is repeated for the first, second, third, ten x to time, the love story is badly superficial and the letters of lovers just on the edge of kitsch along scrape, you do not like the heavy printing unit before Laying the 736th page out of hand, because the plot is clever and its output to the end open.

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"The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair" of Joël Dicker
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