The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal Review

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Edmund Arthur Lowndes de Waal, born in 1964 in Nottingham, England, is a professor, author and ceramist. With its 2010 published family history “The Hare with the Amber Eyes. A Hidden Inheritance” he was awarded the Costa Book Awards in the same year. Well, in 2011, the German version was published “The Hare with Amber Eyes” Zsolnay. De Waal berblickt a period of about 150 years and describes to us the fate of his Jewish ancestors in the mid-19 . century began as a small trading business owners in Odessa, built up one of the richest financial empires in Europe and all were eventually persecuted during the Nazi era and dispossessed, lost.

Only a collection of 264 netsuke has the war berstanden. Netsuke are about fingergroe animal and human figures, carved elaborately and with lovely details of boxwood, chestnut, root wood and ivory. Since the 17th century it served as knobs, buckles and similar decorations – or they were just there to keep them in hand or carry in your pocket with an almost zrtlichen feelings to himself.

The time gives them a very special patina fact that the collection of these delicate valuables is now in a glass case in Edmunds flat in London. Anna is thanks to the Vienna maid of Baroness Emmy, the author Urgromutter and wife of Viktor Ephrussi, his Urgrovater. While the Nazis to the Palais Ringstrae confiscated everything, Anna abolished the Figrchen quietly in their Schrzentasche gradually to her room. During the war years she slept on the treasures she had well hidden in her mattress.

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died in 1994 Edmunds Groonkel Ignaz Ephrussi, called Iggie. He was zerstrte shortly after the end of the 2nd World War the total and pulled by the Americans occupied Tokyo. It was that Edmund should look after the netsuke his wish. Much has Edmund tells his friends about the netsuke and his famous family, until he finally decided in 2005, the long road of the tiny objects which are closely linked with the memories of his family to follow and write down it. the foundation for the extended family and their wealth put the Urururgrovater the author, Charles Ephrussi, the came from Greece and started a lucrative grain trade. Edmunds Urgrovater Viktor, born in 1860 in Odessa looks like his uncle Leon’s future in Europe: Paris, Vienna and London. Through marriages of children, the family branched quickly. Good thing in the book of intent, a pedigree is printed, otherwise you would easily given the numerous family Ange year’s orientation lose. To stay on the trail of netsuke, we are now at Charles Ephrussi, a the three sons of Leon, which its private bank manages in Paris. His other siblings build branches in London and Vienna. Soon the Ephrussi belong next to the Rothschilds of the richest families in Europe. Fr Charles there Schneres to life than the schnden Mammon, and then adopted the young, vermgende Dandy from his work as a banker. Knste of all kinds fascinated him. He leads the art journal Gazette des Beaux-Arts , published article on Albrecht Drer and becomes a collector important today impressionist painter. It organizes exhibitions, promotes, where and from whom he can. must have been like protected Charles, has a picture of Charles Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In his paintings “The breakfast of the Boating Party” (1881), he has immortalized the generous Mzen of Arts. Before Charles devoted himself to the Impressionists, he was as forfeited many Parisians who could afford it, the fashion wave of Japonaiserien. Legendre rarities from Japan, once only for kings affordable, were now en masse imported. Who was holding something up, bought everything, especially lacquerware such as cans and boxes, earthenware, porcelain, silk, screens with gold leaf. Also Netsuke were offered in Europe, but many held for Nippes: an octopus, many rats, a medlar, a loving couple … Only Charles had the right understanding of art, recognized the value of fernstlichen gems and put them on grnem velvet in a glass cabinet. Later giving Charles his Netsuke collection cousin Viktor (Edmunds Urgrovater) to its marriage with the Baroness Emmy. But when the couple in a palace with grand pomp and splendor Rumen stairs – the reprsentativste house on the ring road in Vienna -. Feeding, the thumbnails With disappear Emmys Dressing the Nazis is the ra the Ephrussi in Vienna as the Jews throughout Europe brutally ended. The Ephrussi still have a little money and relationships, one or the other manages to escape. Edmunds grandmother Elisabeth marries a Hollnder, lives in London. When she briefly after the war to Vienna, the place of her childhood, zurckkehrt, Anna gives her the small collectibles. In a briefcase Elisabeth takes her and she gives her younger brother Iggie. With it, they will return to Tokyo in the country in which they were once created. On page 346 writes de Waal how important it is for him to work thoroughly, again all at DaytonaPlease fen to everything right play. He has visited all places; even in Odessa he stood on the promenade, where in 1880 the banking and home of the Ephrussi was. In this way he has created a Sittengemlde in which each brush stroke has significance – sometimes dabbed gentle, sometimes pointed, sometimes applied krftig, sometimes friendly light, sometimes dark dster, and sometimes provided with his bitter tears , Many Schaupltze are destroyed, some rebuilt, others from old photographs, tales, diaries reconstructed detail. He leaves us insight into the everyday life take its well-off relationship – which one gets the impression that the money multiply itself by itself, because really work no one seems to need. Reprsentative receptions, balls, meetings in living rooms for tea or a game of billiards determine their day. Hard to imagine that Emmy spends most of her day in the dressing room: Forty minutes they bentigt alone DAFR to drape their Lckchen under her hat. With particular pleasure you will page 166 f. study with the picture: De Waal must have watched the amber eyes of the little hare from the showcase out what the Baroness everything must tighten until they finally completely en vogue the public pr in Ausgehkostm can sentieren. Edmund de Waal’s historical perspective encloses the overall situation in Europe, especially the Austria-Hungary and Vienna, since the Grnderjahren about the beginnings of National socialism up to Hitler’s insane wars and his downfall. It focuses on the situation of the Family might Ephrussi, who had assimilated Viennese Jews as generously and awarded loans to the regime. De Waal can not always zurckhalten what singles out his time document as more authentic and anrhrender his personal dismay. Here he distinguished his modesty and restraint from the rest. to be descendant of such a prestigious, influential and unimaginably wealthy family can be wishing him a Standesdnkel. Also thanks to the nuanced, subtle wording is “The Hare with Amber Eyes” a reading experience that I wants miss a single second of Lektre.

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