Hunkeler and the Eyes of Oedipus by Hansjörg Schneider Review

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Peter Hunkeler has only six weeks until retirement. His girlfriend Hedwig, a teacher is not sure whether Hunkeler “after” is happy with the time. Although he and the pension is always safe, because in Switzerland is coordinated directly (after Hans Joerg Schneider seniors would proceed in closed groups of four to the polls …; see pp. 10), but the freedom of the age burden Hunkeler very : a time of Verblödens to senility. Later extends only a single book because you read the conclusion not remember you start.

What a horror … But he is still on board and keeps fit by regularly swims his kilometers in the Rhine.

Three days after the Basel audience provocative premiere of “Oedipus the King” (under the directed by Stephan Hulsch) is a theater director Bernhard Vetter disappeared. He lived on a houseboat and had celebrated on the eve of nine guests a little party. Since the incident could have occurred in the triangle that Swiss officials are working with the German and French police.

The first report is Attorney Suter Hunkeler for the appropriate man to ask around in the theater milieu, because all know that he spent a lot of time there during his student days as a stagehand, assistant director or an extra. But now colleague Madörin feels stepped on their toes: but He lead the investigation. Before Hunkeler is rausgeekelt aware he feels his sore throat and logs until further ill.

Hunkeler had seen with his own eyes the “Oedipus” premiere. Unlike many of Basel, the theater in protest cries ( “underpants Theater – shit”) left, he found downright fun at the show.

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What was so disgusting to look for other, called amusement forth with him; the comedy was overwhelming, he could not stop laughing. And the reader is told that all is well understood.

Hunkeler versa mentally back to the time of the ’68, reads Adorno and Hölderlin’s “Oedipus Rex “Translation and discussed with the director about his production. Everything has a meaning: Oedipus stabs her eyes out, “is the menstrual cycle of women’s basic cycle of life” (page 40), the Patriarchate is dasUnglück the world. Although Hunkeler thought the performance was excellent, but that does not protect him from his ignorant question of “sanitary napkins” is answered with a slap -. Probably representative of the ignorant Basler ( “Fuck audience Scheißkretins”) otherwise drifts Hunkeler, preferably in the harbor pubs where he likes too much drinking a glass; he meets journalists scrapped actors who are no longer in demand and the alcohol have fallen, ladies of the night and other types.

Schneider able to provide all the linguistic range, writes times poetic and pictorial, sometimes analytico social criticism, sometimes profound-funny. His insider knowledge as Basler and theater man giving it an authentic flavor. The fun to read, but the characteristics of the crime genre remain for me on the track. Where is the tingling excitement? In the last ten pages of the murderer is nailed down. To my taste the conclusion is profane, the motive trivial and trite, and both are not compatible with this intellectual thriller. “Hunkeler and the eyes of Oedipus” is the first novel I have read by Hansjörg Schneider , He worked as an assistant director and performer batch at the Basel Theater. His works (also dramaturgies) have won several awards.

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