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Jason versiebt’s. The Kensington school has fired him. The reason he does not prefer public. Only his father knows. The end of the career of expulsion does not mean, of course. At least not if you Prosper’s. In the case of CV gets just a bump

Prosper -. The name says it all. Jason’s parents belong to the financial league of the USA. Who mitmischt there can buy the future of his offspring, no matter how the lining up or what he does.

In the case of Jason that is, to move for the last school year with the final exams in the Bellingham Academy, resume, and then the family tradition and to study in Princeton. . The small detour has no small price: Mr Prosper has had his connections and the school agreed to the construction of two dormitories

In the Bellingham Academy is Jason among his peers – a jeunesse dorée with dark spots on the brand clothing.

Because of “theft, sex or Kiffens” exiled from better schools and costly disposed of here, the young people will take on the campus of “delinquent” their last chance. With drill and strict regulations you need them not to come, because who “innocence and honor” has already lost must reckon with leniency, as long as he “does not lit [its] center of [his] roommate not poisoned.” brought to a handy formula: “Who paid, remained.” Jason learned thus “a valuable lesson. The violation of rules could result in larger freedom”

Whatever happened in such a concession by money and defined educational institution be? Primarily high-gloss (architecture, equipment, offers), secondarily fun oriented (sports, parties, drugs, girls), in the third line liberal (just not constricting regulations), hierarchical (in the fourth line of popular students dominate boring, long-established over newcomers).

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Teachers and teaching, there is also the way.

The scale of what is possible is open. Yazid’s father, for example (it is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest tractor factory) has once just a piece of waste land bought near the school and let create an airfield so that the Filius can kommod arrive and depart. If he flies in his home again after any extended winter vacation in the warm climate, everyone is looking forward to the “shisha parties” with quality hashish in his private room. To give rise only boredom, to codes of ethics holds up, which is already the fathers boasted, and the cruel initiation rituals to younger students have a long, barely concealed tradition.

How to probably all American schools sport plays strictly performance-oriented, even at the Bellingham Academy a prominent role, both for the image of the institution and the individual. A trophy can compensate for the absence of some academic points or dollars loose. Jason’s trump card is the sailing. Already Kensington he won with his former partner Cal several major regattas. Always at the limit, into the midst of stormy winds and pounding waves, the two close friends wanted to sail. Jason’s new school it will take for their own greater glory straight into the best team. For this he must be unique talents make

But there are two problems. The captain of the Bellingham-sailing teams, the ambitious Race (the name says it all) will have to subordinate themselves when connected the new is to sail as skipper. And Jason, who always loves to sail, wants to go to a fateful event actually never on the water. Not a good sign so for the test ride of two-man teams on the surging waves. It is an accident, retires in consequence of Jason of Race and his troops, receives anonymous revenge threats and is an outsider.

In this muddled situation is Jason understanding and trust in a likewise excluded. From the red-haired Aidan know the rumors that she was a bitch and already had an abortion behind. After the two tender approach each other to meet in secret at the beach or in the library, you Jason opened the terrible secret that lies behind his change of school. could bring a stabilization, a reliable partnership, mutual affection and love but before Aidan for Jason, he is at once a tragic stroke of fate …

Amber Dermonts novel ” The Starboard Sea < "

on the other hand designed Amber Dermont (translated by Rainer Schmidt) her story very vividly. Jason, the narrator, is quite an intelligent lad. He tells with humor and a touch of irony in an amusing way, in some cool, sometimes even poetic tone. In the sailing episodes Gischtspritzer the vocabulary for water sports fans with foam. A few crime elements provide additional power, the deadline for surprise. In order for the 440-page book offers plenty fast to be read entertainment material, without the spirit with severe food to charge.

Who entertainment wants and it to renounce draft is ready, that is the right book here to put it on a cruise or – to devour on the deck of a sailing yacht

– even better.

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