The Graduate Who Was Killed By The Lion

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Indiana University Graduate Killed By Lion, Dies. This was a headline on many news websites that struck the public’s attention in our area. This graduate by the name of Alexandra Black, was doing what she loved to do. She was following her passion. She was an intern at the Conservators Center in Burlington in North Carolina for only two weeks before she was killed by a lion while she was cleaning his space. Because of this, the lion was put down.

This just shows you how much animals are affected by zoos. Something needs to be changed with the system. Although zoos can possess incorruptible attributes to animals, the liabilities outway the assets of the ethicality powered toward them. The start of zoos dates way back to 2500 B.C. Animals were collected for thousands of years and they often symbolised power.

That is why only the rich went to them. Wall drawings were found of ancient rulers that proves that zoos existed.

Zoos way back when were either called zoological parks or menageries. Zoos were all around the world, but the first modern zoo was not built until 1793 in Paris. In the 18th and 19 century people is when zoos were made public. They were not just for the rich anymore. During this time, zoos could not keep animals alive for very long. That was the biggest concern among people. They did not know and have a lot of information about their diets and their biology. Dr Michael Hutchins, the director of the Smart Wind Energy campaign for the American Bird Conservancy noted that “Many of its cages were barred and quite small and they didn’t have vegetation in them.

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” In 1907 Carl Hagenbeck opened a zoo of his own in the suburbs of Hamburg that deployed bar-less exhibits. He was the first person to do so.

There has been multiple accidents and incidents with animals in zoos. Whether it be killings or abuse cases. The owner of the Reston Zoo in Northern Virginia has extolled the staff’s love of animals, but an employee drowned an injured wallaby in a plastic bucket, and a frostbitten spider monkey went so long without treatment that it had to be euthanized. The Natural Bridge Zoo in western Virginia is billed as a sanctuary, but on recent visits, federal inspectors found more that 40 animals in need of veterinary care and questioned staff about a video that shows employees jabbing a monkey with sticks. The tri-State Zoological Park in Western Maryland advertises itself as a great stop for kids, but an inspector reported that some children had reached through a cage to pet tigers while a guide stood nearby. Jouvenal writes, “Over the past decade, more than 80 animals have died, been injured or become ill because of neglect at the zoos, and more that 200 others were kept in inhumane conditions, according to hundreds of pages of federal inspection reports, interviews with keepers and court documents.”

Laws have been passed to protect animals and their rights. Zoos have unnatural habitats for animals to live in. To not the right climates, to not the right foods, there’s just every category possible to why zoos have unnatural habitats. It has been noted that zoos have caused abnormal behaviors in animals. Animals being in such a confined space and lack of interaction can cause some serious effects. Zoos can affect animals mental and physical health. Using animals for human entertainment is just wrong. Zoo breeding programs, I will agree, can be great. Zoos can be a refuge for animals. Zoos can be a place that educate and provide research opportunities for the public. Zoos do help endangered animals. I do agree that the funds raised help programs for animals.

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