In the Skin of a lion

In the novel, In The Skin Of A Lion, by Michael Annotated, Patrick Lewis is put through events and has certain expectations placed on him that greatly affect his perception and his method of handling situations that he Is placed In. Patrick Lewis Is always expected to be compassionate and affectionate towards others no matter what the situation, this leads him making some dramatic decisions in the book. He grew up in a very isolated area which always made him an immigrant towards wherever he went and this alienated him from everyone around him.

Lastly, Patrick evolves a relationship with Alice Gull which exposes him to a whole new world. Their relationship changes his perspective towards the people around him and his view of the world. Michael Annotated uses the expectations placed on Patrick, his life In isolation, and his important relationship with Alice to show Patrick’ s journey of self discovery and the idea of adaptation and change. Michael Annotated starts the book off by introducing and expanding on a very key element towards showing Patriot’s self discovery and adaptation, his environment.

Patrick Lewis Is born and raised In a very Isolated environment which causes him to sake some decisions and learn live lessons In a very distinctive way. From his young years, Patrick is always isolated from the world, “He was born into a region which did not appear on a map until 1910, though his family had worked there for twenty years and the land had been homesteaded since 1816.

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In the school atlas the place is a pale green and nameless. “(Annotated 10). This quote clearly states how isolated Patrick is from the world as it was not even recognized on the map.

Due to his isolation he Is going to have no knowledge of the outside world causing him to be an immigrant to where ever he goes. The quote: “In the way he steps from the dark house and at the doorway of the glowing kitchen says to the empty fields, I am here. Come visit me” (Annotated 10) explains that due to a lack of colonization he tries to adapt and begins to call out to the insects for some colonization. Patrick is going to be the type of immigrant that is always going to be looking towards fitting in with other people. His first interaction with the outside world was Clara, his first love.

He explores a new world outside his community with a companion. He Is forever hanged and was not going to give It up as he Ignores a chance to riches given to him by Smalls to leave Clara alone but that chance he did not take. He did this to maintain his first connection to the outside social world and to attempt to leave the isolation he grew up in. Furthermore, Patrick Lewis Is expected to be compassionate and kind, him following his expectations helps him meet people that are very Important in his life. Patrick met his first love, Clara, due to his caring personality and he even let her go with her first love due to him love for Clara.

Another sign of his compassion was hon.. When he attended a show at the Waterworks and there he watches an actress bang her hand repeatedly on the floor. He then rushes to help the women which turn out to be Alice. His sense of compassion took over as he rushed thinking that the woman was a stranger. Also his realization of compassion was after the show where he began to talk to Alice, “Compassion forgives too much, you could forgive the worst aware… Why leave the power in his hands. There is more compassion in my desire for truth that your “image” of compassion” (Annotated 123-124).

In this conversation teen Alice and Patrick, Patrick realizes the expectation of compassion as being compassionate he gives people a chance to socialize with him. If he had not been compassionate he would not have even tried to mingle with the immigrants, save Aggravating, or even met Alice daughter Hanna. His compassion was plentiful that after Lice’s death he began to raise Hanna as his own. Above all getting to love and decipher Alice light a very bright light in Patriot’s life which was taken away after Clara left with Smalls. Alice introduces Patrick to see the world and its people in a different perspective.

She began by making him realize his compassion towards others which opened up a lot of important things in Patriot’s life. Alice also taught Patrick that not all things are set in stone and you have to adapt to ever situation that you are put in. Alice says to Patrick, muff name the enemy and destroy their powers. “(Annotated 124), which summarizes Lice’s dreams or ideals. As after Lice’s death Patrick goes into depression and then remembers this quote and begins to pursue Lice’s ideals and her dream in a very dramatic fashion when he attempts to destroy the city, mainly the rich.

Therefore, Alice is a vital part of his life and he lives on through the ethics and lessons she has taught him. In conclusion, throughout the book In The Skin Of A Lion, Patrick Lewis’ expectations and influences help him towards self discovery. Patriot’s childhood in an isolated area allows him to become more self-sufficient and allows him to appreciate his companions. His compassion and kindness helps him meet important people in his life and further understand himself. Last of all, his relationship with Alice gives him a new perspective on life and teaches him some valuable live lessons.

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