The Man Ötzi Was Killed In The Alps

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Have you ever been to the Alps. Maybe but were you shot in the back with an arrow. Hopefully not. Otzi the Iceman was killed in the Alps, buried and preserved by snow and is one of the oldest murder mysteries ever. Otzi was surrounded by snow after being shot and was protected. If the snow never protected him we would never have found him. We would never have gotten the facts we have. Although many know of the Iceman, who is he really? Otzi was an animal herder who took a walk through the mountains.

He was shot and protected by the snow on top and around him. When Otzi was alive he was thought to have been a shepherd. When Otzi died he was kept safe by the snow until he was found. Otzi was never thought to have had a family or and children. Otzi is said to be around 5,300 years old and about 40 when he died.

Otzi is from the stone age but the fact that he had an axe made of copper means that he had officially entered the Copper Age.

his axe was so sophisticated that scientists are confused on how he was able to make it. It was unusually early for it’s time. Otzi was killed by an arrow. When he was walking in the mountains someone shot him in the back with an arrow. Before he was killed he had a head wound and a cut on his hand. Possibly from hand-to-hand combat.

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Otzi was a victim of homicide. When Otzi died his foot and hand were freeze-dried and he has only one shoe on. Otzi had a pouch that he carried around his waist like a fanny pack. It had unfinished arrowheads in it. The arrows that were used back then had feathers to stabilize them. When Otzi was shot he fell over and bled to death and that is technically died. Otzi was not that tall when he died. He was only five foot two inches. The cuts on his hand were possibly from a knife or other sharp object.

Finding Otzi was a great success for science. We can use Otzi to find out more about where he is from. Th items he carried led scientists to find out he might have started a new era. Although Otzi is dead we can still find out a lot more about him. Finding him wasn’t so much as a priority because we weren’t planning on finding him. It was still good to find him so we can learn more about the past. When the hikers found him with the arrow in his back they were shocked that it was still there. The killer left the arrow so he wouldn’t be identified. Otzi was shot and killed by an arrow to the back. He fell on a rock where he was covered in snow. The snow encased him in a pod like area. He was kept safe by the snow. And Otzi the Iceman is officially the oldest murder on Earth. He might be 5’300 years old but he is the best preserved mummy i’ve seen.

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