The Global Impact of Climate Change on Earth

Global climate change is real, and its impacts are already being felt around the world today Countries like America and China, and other huge countries are not feeling the impact as much as smaller indigenous populations though it is extremely sad that despite big countries being the main contributors to this mess, we as a nation are not feeling the effects of the damage we are inflicting The people who suffer the most are the people who are contributing the least to the global climate change.

These people survive off the land, their main source of economy and food is in agriculture and this is where the danger lies, We are destroying the earth that they are living off of. Drought, extreme weather, and other things are contributing to their struggle, destroying their crops and homes, Not only are these people going to lose their crops so they will go hungry, they will also become ill from the conditions, and then slip into extreme poverty, unable to sustain themselves due to the lack of fruitful crops.

These people can help though, they can save us with their knowledge of the land and the climate around them. We can learn from them as they provide us with extremely important information Eventually the warming of earth will affect everyone, it will bring devastating consequences, It angers me when people say it doesn’t exist, All you have to do is take a look around, it is all around us The polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising so high florida and california are on their way into the ocean, The number of tsunamis, tornados, and hurricanes are rising exponentially.

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All of this is pointing to the obvious answer that is global warming.

The warming of the earth could lead to the absolute devastation of the cultures of rural indigenous people. We could possibly looking at them being wiped out entirely if the global temperature rises by 4 degrees as it is expected to. Not only will the people face extinction but so will their stories, their artifacts, their language. Everything about them will be wiped off the planet Not only are we making species of animals extinct, but now we are also letting entire regions of people become endangered, their cultures extinct. Not only are we doing this to them but they also may turn into civil turmoil when they have to fight over simple resources such as food, water, and shelters We have a lot to learn from these people and if we take care of them and watch over them they may just teach us a thing or two about protecting our future “The Global impact of Climate Change.

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