Half-Earth Project is Contributing to Saving Life on Earth

Half-Earth Project has a concept that explains how half of the Earth is protected but the other half isn’t. In addition, the meaning of this is if we as people prevent the wasteful or harmful use of half the land and sea, there is a possibility that 85% of all species can be kept safe from extinction when they enter the safe territory. The desired result of the Half-Earth Project is to get others to begin saving our planet, and making awareness that earth is becoming extinct because change is not happening.

The Half-Earth Project can aid researchers in having the ability to understand something on ways to care for the environment. Furthermore, just helping one learn about dissimilar environments and ecosystems. In chapter one this week, the textbook explains, “ecologists utilize the idea of a biome to categorize considerable size zones of the planet into a minimize number of alike components.

Biomes enfolds both terrestrial (land-based) and aquatic (in water) communities.

” (Bensel & Turk, 2014) This would one of the few reasons that Half Earth Project shows a connection to this week’s chapters. Half-Earth Project delivers valuable messages. The Project affects living organisms and the physical world because it explains how caring for the earth and people contributing by doing their part to the environment can help the earth become a greater place. Therefore, Half-Earth Project explains how rapidly, and disturbing animal extinction is. One message from Half-Earth explains that, “conserving half the Earth’s dry surfaces and surrounding waters can reverse the species extinction difficulty and secure long periods of health of the planet.

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” (Half-Earth Project, 2018) Having a healthy earth that is safe is the main objective to the project.

One thing that the world has that can help other communicate around the world about the issues of our planet is technology. Technology helps because it is difficult when not every person is aware of how they can do their parts but with different websites and social media it can be an easy accomplishment spreading the word. When it comes to accomplishing environmental sustainability, people must work hard to conserve the lands and safeguard the environment from extinction Another considerable thing about the Half-Earth Project is that individuals pledge on the website. Which incorporates, posting points that are offered within networks, interacting in district conservation determined attempts and reassuring systems that shield the Earth’s surfaces that aren’t concealed by water and seas. The website states that individuals need to join, and research information. Half-Earth has all study of materials and sources and leadership plans.

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