Climate Change and Global Warming

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It is time. Time for us to make a change. I suggest that all of us, which occupy this room, have SOME knowledge or have at least HEARD of the climate change epidemic, which is currently taking the world by storm. Australia as a country is currently not doing enough, or not doing a good enough job, to halt the catastrophic consequences that even a two degree Celsius rise in our climate are bound to ensue. Such a subtle rise in temperature will not only have an impact on humans, but the entire world’s environment and ecosystems as well as the millions, if not trillions of species, which inhabit them.

The world naturally produces carbon emissions. One such is C2 gas, and it is essential for the survival of all species. However, this fact becomes irrelevant as the act of fossil fuel usage for electricity has caused the safe number of C2 to skyrocket. The build-up of greenhouse gasses, take carbon dioxide, as an example, is forming a layer, which prevents heat and gasses from escaping into space.

This in return causes a rise in temperatures both on land and in the water. This could become fatal and irreversible to Australia, as if our climate alone rises another degree or two, over 30 to 50 native flora and fauna will be lost.

Lost for good. Contrary, greenhouse sceptics propose the idea that the Earth naturally heats and cools as years go by, hence the numerous ice ages we have gone through. However, experts and scientist who have considered this and were still able to deduct an alarming rise in temperatures despite the centurial occurrence have disproved this claim.

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Were you aware of the fact that a shift of 63 cm in our already high sea levels would cause flooding to over 130 million people, which are situated on low-lying islands and coastal communities? Were you aware of the fact that climate change has changed bushfires in Australia for the worse, and, currently, there are over 50 fires currently burning in New South Wales, and over 1,400 hectares have been diminished in Queensland since September?

Were you aware of the fact that our own Great Barrier Reef is experiencing horrific bleaching due to 0.4-degree increase in the water temperature, and has been confirmed by scientists that it, and its multibillion-dollar tourist industry, are expected to die by 2050. This would leave millions with no income and on the streets, as well as a huge loss on tax and Australia as a whole. If this was not bad enough, the oceans will soon start absorbing the greenhouse gasses that pollute our air and lead to ocean acidification.

The trade of gasses between the water and the air will be the cause of large-scale winds and extreme weather conditions. This, in return, will effect infrastructure and instead of focusing on the problem, which is climate change, we will be preoccupied with fixing broken homes and mourning lost historical sites. Need I go on? This only further solidifies my point of needing to stop and exterminate our actions, which are factors to the worsening of our Earths overheating problems. We need to stand as a nation and embrace the fact that climate change is real and needs to be laid to rest for the sake of future generations, and the prosperity of our planet and us as a community and all its inhabitants.

Our government has been coming up with future plans on halting global warming, but they are not being put into action nearly as quick as climate change is affecting us. The Gilliard government is making plans for the future. This includes the carbon tax which is hoped to reduce emission by 2021-2022. However, this would in return raise the cost of living and people are outraged by the mere proposal of it. What people dont know, however, is that it ll only raise the cost of living by $9.90 per week.

If that is the price we need to pay to ensure for the best, if not the only future our children and grandchildren may have, then why moan about it? We finally have a chance to change our previous ways and better ourselves for the sake of everyone and everything. Why not take it? Although, even with the carbon tax in place, it wont be effective enough. This is why we all, as a community, a nation, and a planet, need to contribute to making out electricity usage more scarce and effectively reduce the amount of carbon we emit.

Turning things off when youre not using them, taking power cords out of the wall often, and using solar panels are just a few ways anyone can help with the sustainability of our planet. Not only will it reduce electricity usage, but also the amount of money we spend towards the companies who allow for excess gas emission.

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Climate Change and Global Warming
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