The gesture of giving versus the gesture of receiving

The following sample essay on “The gesture of giving versus the gesture of receiving “: money has been around for thousands of years in many forms, shapes and sizes but it is the love of money that turns the world around. Money is a key that opens many doors but the doors that it may open are not always safe. For instance drug dealers have plenty money but at the cost of many lives being destroyed. Empires are built in the wheeling and dealing of billions of money being exchanged for innocent citizens, children and woman that are forced into the Sex trafficking and etc.

The question is what would I do with a large sum of money? There is so much that is needed in this world besides materialistic things that rot away .But there is an everlasting experience when a child smiles with joy after receiving a plate of food or a toy for the very first time or even a pair of shoes that we take for granted.

This is where I would spend some of the millions I had.

You can spend fortunes trying to empress people that are probably just there in your life because of your money. If you had to lose it all they would drop you like a hot cake. With money comes great responsibility a responsibility that many young famous actors or singers don’t have. It’s easy to be drawn into a life that is a fairy tale where you have everything you want with just one click of a finger.

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If having so much money is supposed to make you happy why is it that they are always coming in and out of rehabs?

I would spend it on making youth centres where the youth can go interact with one another in a safe environment. To get them out of the streets away from gangsters and bad influences. I would spend millions on a project like this where you giving back to the people.

I do have to give credit to those people that do make a difference in one’s life whether it be a celebrity or a millionaire just the thought of helping people makes a great contribution to the society we live in. Money can empower the receiver but it can also empower the giver and today not many people know how to give back. We live in a selfish society where it’s all about Me, Myself and I there is no room for anything else. We more worried how much it’s going to cost versus do I really need it?

At the end of the day the question I ask is if you were given a large amount of money and had the choice to invest in your life or in another person that has nothing to live on besides the clothes on their back. Knowing that you had the possibility to change that person’s life forever what would you do if you had to give and not expecting to receive anything back. Would you give?

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The gesture of giving versus the gesture of receiving
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