The Fellowship of the Ring, a Classic Novel by J. R. R. Toliken

The Fellowship Of The Ring is part of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, which was written by the same author. It was originally written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1954. J.R.R. Tolken went to college at the University of Oxford. The books were originally written for his kids, but have since then become a classic novels. The story starts in a village called “The Shire”. Ahobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins is celebrating his birthday and throws a mad party in the village.

After the party, Bilbo makes an announcement to the crowd that he is going to leave. He is looking for a way to get out of the shire to go on a new adventure. But with Bilbo’s sly personality, he decided to literally disappear from the Shire. Bilbo slips on his ring that he found in the cave of his last adventure after his speech. The ring makes Bilbo completely invisiblei After Bilbo sneaks back to his house, a wizard and friend named Gandalf walk into the door.

Gandalf is wise and aware of the ring that he has, as well as the power that it holds. He makes sure that the ring is left in the Baggins household before he takes off on his trip. Gandalf is frantic. As he scuffles through Bag End (Bilbo’s house), he exclaims to Bilbo’s nephew, Frodo, that he must get the ring out of the Shire. The ring holds evil powers that were once possesed by the dark lord “Sauron”.

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With the powers of the ring, it is highly sought after. With an uprising of the once-dominant force of Sauron, his followers are determined to chase after the ring. The next morning Frodo leaves with the company of three other hobbits named Sam, Pippin, and Merry. Their first stop is at an inn. They spend the night in a tavern where they try to remain low key. A knight named Aragorn is in the tavern. Aragorn is fimilar with the doings of the ring bearer. The three hobbits first perceive Aragorn as a threat, but later find that he is friendly and chooses to go with them on their trip to deliver the ring.

The group of five got word to now head to Rivendale. Rivendale is home of a group of elves that normally try to stay neutral in world conflict. There is a counsel held there that will decide what will happen to the ring. During the night, the group was sleeping in the open, The senses of Sauron’s servants caught up with them A mob of dark knights showed up to the camp with intentions to kill Frodo and take the ring. By accident, Frodo puts the ring onto his finger. Soonly after, the dark knight impales Frodo with his poisonous sword. However, Aragorn jumps to his feet and fights off the dark knights. Frodo is left with a serious wound. The crew has no other option but to move onward towards Rivendale. As they get closer and closer, an elf from Rivendale shows up in their presence. The elf takes Frodo on her horse to rush him to Rivendale where the elder, Elrond, heals him.

The five meet up and go to the counsel regarding the ring. It is concluded that Frodo will be the ring bearer all the way to Mordor, where the ring can be destroyed. Along with Frodo and the crew, they were also appointed three other people to go along with them including an elf, a dwarf, a human, and Gandalf, As the fellowship of the ring tries to go over the misty mountains, they face harsh conditions that crucially limit their mobility to get to the other side. Gandalf leaves the decision to go through the mines under the mountains, which is very dangerous, up to Frodo. Frodo decides it is best to travel through the mines. While they run through the mines after escaping, a beast takes hold of Gandalf and takes him away into an abyss, But, they fellowship has to keep going until they get to the otherside of the mountain.

After they get out of the mines, they keep trekking, However, Frodo finds the other crew to be a threat to him when he sees their interest in the ring. Frodo sneaks out of the camp at night to climb to Mordor but Sam goes with him to finish the job. All of the characters in this story have struggle, but nobody has the hardship and burden of the ring that Frodo has. Frodo has a different series of thoughts to himself than all of the other characters, although it isn’t clear exactly what he is thinking. There is a strength to resist the ring’s temptations within Frodo that nobody else has. Gandalf, being a wise wizard, knows of the powers of the ring. But, he knows that they are so powerful that he cannot keep it for too long or even he will be seduced to it‘s power. This is why he gives Frodo the ring, and only he can be the ring bearer. Frodo‘s companion, Sam, never lived anything but a normal life in the quant village of the shire.

The journey gave something to consume him and gave him a feeling of purpose. I-Iis loyalty to the mission is evident but also is vital for Frodo to make it to Mordor. I find Bilbo to be a relatable character in some ways. Bilbo always wants to live fully and do exciting things, and doesn’t let others’ opinions sway his goals and inner wants. He’s almost stubborn about itr I relate to Bilbo because of his fear of boredom, which I feel I posess aswell. This novel shows us true perserverence. All of the characters, and especially Frodo show extreme resistance against the evil of the ring “And yet their wills did not yield, and they struggled on…”. Many other characters show a desire to hold the ring.

But, Frodo (although tempted by the ring) displays the inner strength to keep his mind straitr The concept I love most in the book is the ring itself. JiRiR. Tolkien leaves the powers of the ring very vague. The book doesn’t show why the ring will give you “power” (other than the fact that it was created by someone superior and it gave him power), or even the kind of power you will receive. But with the power of the ring, the followers of Sauron will overthrow the rest of middle earth. This could be a symbol for Satan’s temptations on earth I would highly reccomend this book to any reader; especially those that don‘t read a lot of books, like myself. The book is a very commonly read book, but for good reason. J.R.R. Tolkien makes you feel like you are travelling with the ring bearer and the rest of the crew. However, I would highly suggest reading The Hobbit before reading The Fellowship OfThe Ringt It will give you a much larger context of the story including more detail on the ring.

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