A Review of the First Movie of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

The first movie of the Lord of The Rings trilogy The Fellowship of the Ring is a tale of epic proportions. The story is one of classic good versus evil with all manner of twists and turns. It is seen by many as the greatest written work of our time. I think it is because the main character, Frodo, is not a fearless hero but a human (a hobbit actually) with human emotions. He like so many has to go through a hard journey to reach the light at the end of the truly dark tunnel.

He does and the form of success he achieves is greater than any. He had completed a journey thought impossible and while entirely fictional it does relate to the real world. You could say it is an inspiration for others to achieve their goals.

The film revolves around the ring that Frodo has to destroy, a ring of evil. The ring can only be destroyed by throwing it into Mt.

Doom the volcano where it was forged. Every story has a simple plot, it is how you express it on paper that counts, and Tolkien, the author, was the best at that. Many battles between characters, the adventurous nature of the story, and Tolkien’s imagination and style all create a great piece of fiction.

The director Peter Jackson had a hard job recreating the fictional world of Middle-Earth but his job was made easier in the story written for him. He had the task of leading a team that used all different techniques to portray a fantasyland on a very large scale.

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The actors were all cast based on the characters in the book. Their costumes were made to suit the characters and the actors had the responsibility to act like their novel characters as closely as possible. Much of their dialogue is straight from the novel though some parts have been changed to shorten the movie and put it into laymen’s terms.

The setting was important because it had to make the viewer feel like it was Middle-Earth. The director chose New Zealand and computer technology to create the stunning landscapes and interior settings in the movie.

The use of camera shots and angles are all well done and suit the situations they are involved in. The director uses a long panning shot of a mountain the group has to climb for example. He is good at capturing the epic moments of the movie, however, he also portrays emotional scenes well such as when Boromir dies. He uses an upward angle looking at the character from below with light shining on his face suggesting the character is heroic.

Editing, especially in movies like this, has to be done so the movie fits in the three hours or so. He has captured the essential parts changing some of them to suit the movie length.

Flashbacks are used with good effect. Two examples of this are where the character is talking about different events and you see the events take place and where Frodo looks into a mirror and sees visions of past, present, and future.

All these techniques go toward expressing the concept of success. Entertainingly and epically,the story tells us success does not come through idleness, you must work hard to achieve it. To quote an ancient Chinese proverb a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I do not think any other story has portrayed the success at the end of the journey better than Lord of the Rings has.

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