Essay on “The Ring of Darkness. Free continuation of the” Lord of the Rings, “”

I am writing a review, as do not agree with the previous

I have to say -. I liked the book. And I put it 4 only because of the very wet early Perumova language.

However, I think there are dozens if not hundreds of thousands of readers who strongly agree that this book is “similar”, “Lord of the Rings.” And certainly it is not with him, “merges”

Yes -. It continued. But the continuation of the story only from the point of view. The book is fundamentally different philosophy. Other main characters and their inner motives.

Ring Of Continuation

Recommend the book to reading Tolkien fans are also very inconsiderate. Fans will not like it for sure. In this case I strongly differs “fan” concepts and “amateur”. And, as you know, Perumov was not just a bit (literally and figuratively) by these same fans … I obviously did not from the great love:)

But the philosophy of the book is much more suited rebellious and maximalist view of life .

And these are the views and shared by the majority of teenagers. Therefore, just for those who are not fully understood and / or take a deep philosophical subtext Professors Perumov should come in handy.

To me, both then and now, the early outlook Perumova much closer to Tolkien’s ideas. That’s why this series of books I liked. Unlike most of my friends at that time, which was met with hostility and subjected to strong obstruction of the entire cycle of novels.

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Even though, in terms of artistic value, between the “Lord of the Rings” and “dark ring” gaping obvious gulf I still recommend this book to read. At least those who read this review before the end, and therefore are sufficiently interested in the topic.

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