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A little girl’s fantasy fall comes true; but it starts with one promise of two little words, I do. While this may take time for most girls, I am lucky enough to have two rings, my engagement ring and my promise ring. They both have not only physical features, but symbolic features as well as different stories and backgrounds of how they came to be in my possession; however, they share a single similar promise.

My grandmother originally gave me my promise ring.. One day she took me Into

Target and I just happened to spot the jewelry counter. At this time I really didn’t have any fancy rings that I could wear daily, and I wanted one so badly. I picked out the perfect one! It was sky blue and shaped like a heart.

It was on a white gold ring, and beside the blue stone were tiny little dots of sterling silver that look like a flower. It was perfect since my favorite color was blue and It just had everything I wanted In a ring. But sadly, my grandmother said maybe another time. Disheartened, I turned away and we went on with our trip to Target.

Which Finger Do You Wear A Promise Ring On

However, that Christmas. Not to long from our Target adventure, my grandmother surprised me with a ring.

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Although I argued repeatedly that this could not be the ring I had originally picked out, she reassured me that it was. A couple of days after receiving the ring from my grandmother, I had to get a plate put into the backing because my fingers were too small, and the ring would Just slid off. After the ring fit right, looked amazing, and made me so happy, I was finally content with It. At that moment I had decided that I wanted to wear the ring as much as possible.

And so, I wore It everyday until I eventually took it off to much and then I wore it only occasionally when would remember to wear it, and finally I eventually stopped wearing it all together because I forget about putting it back on my finger. Several years down the road, my fiancé© and I met. We first met in a typical way: through the Internet, on a website known as My Year Book. We chatted for a few months, and finally decided to meet up with each other. Ironically, we were less than five minutes away by car and we never even knew. It honestly was love at first sight.

Another month rolled on by, and we saw each other every single day that summer of 2008. Finally, on Tuesday August 12 at 10:30 in the morning while we were walking through the forest near our houses, he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I can never forget that moment because life Just seemed everlasting. We fell in love and just could not Imagine ourselves with anyone else. Month after month rolled on by, and deeper In love we fell. One day, while I was cleaning out my Jewelry box, I found the ring my grandmother had given me many years ago.

I took it and showed my boyfriend the ring the next time I saw him and told him that I found this in my jewelry box, leaving out the part of how my grandmother had bought it. He took one look at it and said this is it! Looking at him puzzled and confused, he proceeded to tell me that he was looking for a ring that he could give to me to show his love and affection Ana Tanat tins roll was perfect. So en Knelt down on one Knee, Ana salad to me, “Nicole Renee Rose Heron, would you promise me your heart forever and always and we shall be together until we die and there after? ” Of course, crying my eyes out,

I said “yes”. And so he then placed it on my left ring finger. After a year went by, we were still promised to each other. Not once did I take off the ring because I had a fear of losing it again or Just forgetting to put it on one day. We still fell deeper and deeper in love with one another daily. Although trying to balance high school, three Jobs and trying to see the man I love was difficult, however, we made the best of everything. We both Just knew that one day we would get married and start a family because we still could not see either of us with any there person.

One day, my boyfriend and I decided that we should look at engagement rings at a local department store. So, we did. Again, I noticed the Jewelry counter once I entered the store. Once there, I looked at rings in the engagement area and suggested to my boyfriend about what rings I liked and which ones I wanted. It had to include a diamond and be on white gold. Also at the store, I sized my finger Just for his future knowledge of what my size would be if he would buy me any type of ring. Once he got an idea of everything I wanted in a ring, we left the tore.

On Sunday May 10th 2009, also known as Mother’s Day, I went over to my boyfriend’s house for the whole day. We were upstairs lying on his bed Just talking about everything and anything! Things like are we going to get married, are we going to be good parents, are our families ever going to stop fighting, will we be able to support ourselves, how much we loved one another, and the list Just continues on. Everything possibly imaginable was something we talked about. But once tears began to fall from my eyes, he got up and went over to his dresser. I questioned his action, and he Just said hold tight.

I sat there waiting; he returned and told me to stand up because he wanted to talk to me. So, I wiped the tears from my cheeks and stood up. He began to talk to me about how much he loved me and how he knew that our trust would never be stronger after we got married. After that, he knelt down on one knee, pulled a box from behind his back and opened it revealing an engagement ring. He proceeded to tell me, “Nicole, you are so beautiful and I love you dearly, and our love or each other is so strong, and I want us to never end. I want our trust to be everlasting.

I want our love to be pure and true. So I ask you, Nicole Renee Rose Heron, would you do the honor of marrying me and becoming Nicole Renee Rose Rue? ” Once again, with tears running down my face, I of course said yes! He then took off our promise ring and moved it to the ring finger on my right hand and put the engagement ring on the ring finger on my left hand. This ring was absolutely beautiful! I again denied picking this exact one out, but he reassured me that it was he one that I had my eye on every time we would go out to a Jewelry store or a department store.

I had three stones, two sapphires surrounding one diamond. They were all resting on a crafted white gold band. I fell in love with it! Therefore, along with the promise ring, I have not taken it off since: not even to shower. This ring has honestly become part of me Just as my fiancé© has become part of me. Some say that the left ring finger has a vein that runs directly to the heart therefore, the engagement and wedding band goes on the left finger. The promise ring acted as the original promise to each other that we should never separate and that we will always love can toner.

Metaphorically teen ring Deadlocked toners Trot coming Into my near Then once the engagement ring took over that Job, the promise ring moved to the right hand as a daily reminder, since I’m right handed, that I am taken and my heart belongs to someone. Now, the engagement ring is on my left ring finger permanently blocking out foreign men from loving me. These two very different rings that come together for a main purpose: to help two people fall and stay in love with one another.

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