The Fascinating Things I Learned from My Sociology Class

This is the first time I enroll Sociology class. The reason is not because I like and want to learn it. It is just because I had to learn to get credits, and I thought this would be a very boring classt However, I was really surprised with what I learned from Sociology class It has helped to answer some of the many questions I ponder regarding race, culture, and gender in our society. First of all, after participating in a sociology class, I gained an insight into the inequalities that exist within our society today I have learnt that besides of racism, color blind ideology is also a race problem.

I am one of those people who is color-blinded racist, and I did not know that. I said to my friends that “I have “black” friends, Hispanic friends, “white“ friends, and Asian friends, I am not racist,” or,” I do not care about people’s skin color.” Racism is a sensitive topic to talk about.

I used to think that in order to eliminate racism in our society, people need to ignore the color of people skin, and I realized that I was wrong after taking this class.

I learnt that we need to face with the fact that racism is existed everywhere, and we need to talk about it instead of ignoring itt Secondly, there is a huge difference between American and Vietnamese culture In my culture, family is very important to each of us. We think about our families.

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Friends are important, too, but is not as family. America is different. American people do not value family as their friends. It is easy to see multigenerational family in Asian community. American people when they are 18 years old, they want to move out and live separately with their families. I used to wonder why American people like to live with their friends while if living with their parents, they can save more money, After studying chapter Culture, now I understand why. It is because American people value their individual life more than their families.

Finally, about gender, I have understood that the media has a large effect on what we think about women, in a negative way, I used to like those blockbusters which have beautiful women, so I would find a role model for me to look up tot We all judge women about their appearance instead of their intelligence or their study degreest Movies nowadays only focus on women who know how to take care of their beauty or who show their skin and their bodies off on the screen We see women as an object, not as a human being The media has shaped the women’s minds that if they want to be loved by others, they have to look great, wear nice clothes, wear makeup, act innocent and helpless, sometimes they have to act “dump“ to get help from others, I myself used to agree with that thought. I remember watching a movie which has a conversation between a father and his daughter. The father told his daughter not to worry about school and not to put effort in studying because she is a women, when she grows up, she just needs to marry to a rich guy in order to be rich. And I did agree with the father.

However, after studying this class, I realized that women, included myself, have to change this concept Women should be recognized by their intelligence instead of their appearance. Women are worth more than what people think. Women do not need to have a rich husband to be rich because we can be rich by ourselves Besides of that, media also emphasizes the inequality of gender in our society. For instance, in Asia countries, the media has showed that only women stay at home to take care of their families. Therefore, when I see a stay-at-home dad, I am very surprised and shocked What I loved about taking sociology classes was that they changed my perspective on the world, Things that I learned in class I could constantly apply in my daily life, There were times that the concepts introduced in class challenged my own values or beliefs, and it pushed me to really think about what I believe in and why I believe in this way. Overall, sociology helped me become a more understanding and accepting person.

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