The following sample essay on Fascinating World of Cars discusses about the fascination with machines and the interest in how they are designed.

From childhood onwards the world of machines has fascinated me. How a collection of parts combined to create something whose working was far beyond my understanding. My curiosity for how a machine worked was satisfied to an extent by seeing the works at my grandfathers work shop. But still something was still bugging me. How did one think of designing and creating such machines? As the years went by my desire to learn more about machines further accentuated.

It was during that time I stumbled across a TV channel called Discovery Turbo where they featured tons of programmes related to automobiles, how they were designed, manufactured and repaired. From that moment my only goal was to be like one of those people who designed works of art from bare metals, engineering them and creating what we call cars.

That drive is what made me choose Automotive Engineering.

As a school student I was a keen follower of Formula 1 racing and collected a series of international automobile related books and magazines which kept me up to date with the innovations in the world.

I found ‘Mechanical Engineering’ is the only way I could satisfy my desire for knowledge and contribute. Admission for undergraduate for engineering was conducted using a series of tests and interviews among students from all over the state. These test required a good set of analytical and quantitative reasoning skills.

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My scores provided me with a choice of five undergraduate courses from which I have chosen Mechanical Engineering for my undergraduate studies at Amrita University.

During the first semester of my college I was introduced to subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Drawing which made me aware of the possibilities of the field. On pursuing my second semester, I was made aware of an event called BAJA conducted by SAE India, where students have to design, test and manufacture an off-road buggy which used to compete in a series of rigorous test where more than 350 college participated. At the end of that semester, I was given an opportunity be a part of the team which attend the event. Being a part of the team, I was able learn a lot about designing and manufacturing a car. I was given the role of leading the team through thick and thin which helped me overcome my fear of criticism and learned how to solve practical problems with limited resources.

Throughout my school and undergraduate education, I have been a keen participant in extra-curricular activities. Conducting and organising various cultural events helped me improve my communication and interpersonal skills.

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