What I Have Learnt in a Sociology Class

There is a lot of material from this class that I can pull on in the future, most of which to cull my own ideals down a bit. I do not believe I will be able to use much from this course in my future career goals, but I could be wrong“. I might end up working directly in public relations within agriculture, but that also means a lot of public speaking which is not my thing at all. The debate is one exception to this, Whateverjob i get in the future I will have to use these kinds of skills to come out on top; being able to research, formulate and deliver my argument effectively, while filling in the pot holes before the opponent points them out by having the foresight to know what they most likely will say or argue.

I wish we could have gone over more public/environmental health things like that because it is right up my alleyt I learned that culture can be very confusing at times, yet it seems like high end sociologists somewhere have it down to a science – every way somebody acts, thinks or conspires is all documented and written somewhere and i find that that fascinating with a touch of unnerving, l have come to realize that everybody is a deviant in some way, everybody is racist, or they at leastjudge others and most relationships are set to fail.

Charles Cooley has to be my favorite person that we have learned about this year.

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Cooley created the “looking glass self” concept, I can dig this concept because i am really into psychology and how a person reflects on themselves. I think it is interesting that a person can reflect on themselves and take what others think but not change their outward behavior or appearance (assuming it is unfavorable, or dare i say it… deviant), but I guess the looking glass is tinted with a rose color so who am i to judge? But we all do, do we not? It unnerves me sometimes that everybody goes through this process but there is a lot that go “well i‘m ok with this”, My second favorite is Karl Marx, mostly because he accidentally sent the world into a tailspin with his utopian idealsr Communism, probably one of the questionably most influential creations of the past two hundred and fifty years. I agree with much of what he preaches and I wish society could work like that but we are still stuck in a class conflict and probably always will be, especially in the creation of “ironic communism” which is something I will be coining right now (I think so anyway).

This ironic communism would be like china or soviet Russia where everybody could be what they wanted to be, to the best of their abilities,” assuming you wanted to be a factory worker and get that snazzy little tan Yugo that you’ve been waiting ten years fort Now 1 am not one for “Got damn commies” kind of soap boxes, and this is not one. Ultimately, the cumulation of the conflict theory has not. well, cumulatedr It might just be my ignorant American media filter that I get on my television, yahoo news feeds and high school history books but it appears to me that nobody has fought the “man” since the 60’s and later in the 80’s when The Wall fell, Maybe occupy Wall Street, but that was mostly yuppies, hipsters and anybody else hopping on the bandwagon, and they all quietly went back into their parents basements to fiddle with their iPhones/Pads Lastly, I am not 100% sure what was expected out of this paper, I will be completely honest in saying that, But] gave you what I felt was necessary and wanted Ithoroughly enjoyed this class for the subject matter, my classmates for the intellectualism and my teacher for bringing it together – that’s not something that happens often enough In college.

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