Online Learning Downsides: No Internet, No Life Skills

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“Ugh, three flights of stairs to get to my locker. I wish we could have school online instead of walking all these stairs to get from class to class.” I have caught myself saying this expression, but I never thought of the reasons why Pender Public School didn’t have school over the Internet until one day in American Literature we had to write pros and cons about school online. I realized that they invented those stairs for physical exercise. High school students should not attend school over the Internet because Internet isn’t available to everybody all the time, not all students can be trusted to do their own work, and it does not teach the students life skills.

Internet isn’t available to students all the time. Some students including myself don’t have Internet at home. Other students have poor Internet connections. The Internet gets hard for some people to get in the winter causing more problems with getting the schoolwork done before the deadline.

These issues make it hard for students to get all their schoolwork done. Not only is getting access to internet a problem, but being able to hold the students accountable for their work is another issue with school on the internet.

Doing online courses makes it harder for teachers to make sure a student is doing their own work. Teachers have a hard time in schools now making sure students don’t cheat on their test and homework. When you put this schoolwork in a home environment without a teacher present during tests and other assignments it makes it harder for teachers to see any books, notes, or other supplies being used.

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The students are also may have somebody else doing their homework or test for them because there is nobody there to watch and make sure you are present and doing your own work. It also makes it hard for the teacher to teach the student how their method was wrong and how to do it correctly. All of these liable issues may make the scholar reckon that it is ok for them to cheat. Cheating is a life skill we don’t want students to develop.

When students enroll in online academies it is hard for the educator to teach them life skills that they will need later in life. When students don’t have to get up every morning to go to school at a certain time everyday they lack the skill or routine of getting up early for school that they will need when they get a job. Students also may miss out on the social able aspect. When a scholar only does their work online they don’t have to talk to people and don’t learn how to ask for help properly. This may cause problems in getting a job. Students that attend online schools don’t learn how proper time management is supposed to work. Students don’t have a set schedule and can easily push off work with excuses. With these arguments defined some people still don’t agree that there should not be online schools.

Many people might say online school benefits schoolchildren but it doesn’t. Parents deal with bullying in schools and see that taking school online reduces that, but what they don’t see is that there is cyber bullying online too. Some students have family issues and need to help work a job so they can support the family but online schools just allow students to push homework off and dig themselves a hole. Granted online schooling can allow students to work at their own space and use time wisely in areas where it needs more but being on a computer gives the opportunity for students to work at an unproductively slow pace and be distracted because of online games, social networks, and more. Clearly these issues don’t present any large issue with having scholars attend school.

Whether it is unavailable Internet, deceitful students, or unlearned life skills pupils should not attend school online. Many students still see that the physical labor of walking all over the school is fraught, but that is only one fall of the issue that can easily be turned around will giving each child a little physical exercise. Not only is it beneficial to online school, but also online schools pose problems in Internet connection problems and that puts stress on deadlines. The online schools not only put stress on the students but the teachers also have the worries of if the student understands their homework or if somebody just did it for them. Scholars miss out on those critical life skills too. Students and parents can find ways online schools can be beneficial but as you can see there is a counter argument to all of them and it is much more beneficial to attend a regular school.

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