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Using the network as a medium, borrowing chat tools and so on to chat with each other, people understand each other and fall in love. In real life, there are abounds, successes and failures. More and more people that have excellent technology skills start doing online dating, matching up the relationship from the digital device became a concern. Online dating consumes a lot of personal growth and development time. Researchers found that more users using the app involves worries. Once have set up the account on the apps, whatever information you have put in it, is never can be erased.

The companies still have all your information. Sometimes it will cause data to be leak. “Overall though, some of the main concerns about dating online involve worries about data protection, with 61% of users being worried about their data being leaked from the dating service/app itself. In addition, 63% are concerned about the device they use for online dating being infected by malware, demonstrating a heightened feeling of insecurity among the online dating community”.

It is reasonable to allocate more time to study, experience, and explore life. A lot of time has been taken away by online love, but unfortunately. When you are young, you have a rich experience in marriage. Online dating through computers can be easily put you in danger by knowing fake information. “A 115-pound svelte woman is unlikely to list 95 pounds on her profile. And if she advertises herself as a savvy career woman, she is unlikely to use her high school cheerleading photo which, in addition to counteracting her professional image, might make her look like jailbait”.

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Regardless of the extent to which have talk about it online, be alert to keep our brain clear. Beware of people at the end of the network, because you don’t know if everything he had said is true. Keep yourself in a smart heart and a clear brain, and you won’t let yourself fall into the mud.

The problem is that talking about marriage is a face-to-face experience. You have brushed up many years of experience in online dating. “Many people that are on the online dating scene are young, as the 33.8 average age suggests, with 43% of 25-34-year-olds using online dating services. This tech-savvy age group is likely embracing online dating as a way to meet interesting new people while balancing busy professional lives.” Researchers find out that online dating is often unrealistic because things on the Internet have been layered and beautified. When you uncover the reality, you will find that all this is so fake.It is equal to the fact that you have no accumulation in a face-to-face maintenance relationship. “With online dating so prevalent, users are clearly giving strangers access to their lives, which could perhaps be why those who date online have concerns about their online safety” . For online dating, it seems to me that two people who don’t know each other rely on the Internet as a carrier to deceive each other and to be an obscenity.

They call this online dating, and I think they are only loving each other’s imagination. Online love, different depth and feelings Three points true seven points illusion for two people together feel mainly from various forms of interaction, online love through web chat video communication, it is difficult to cultivate more intimacy and it is difficult to let the two psychologically Can be very close. Online love has high difficulties it won’t last very long. “According to research conducted at Michigan State University, relationships that start out online are 28% more likely to break down in their first year, than relationships where the couples first met face-to-face. And it gets worse. Couples who met online are nearly 3 times as likely to get divorced as couples that met face-to-face”. If online dating wants to go to the end, it must be met in real life. Through the early communication, more or less will idealize the other side, whether it is inner or outer appearance, it seems to be highly consistent with its own expectations.

But when I met, I found that the other person was also a big living person who would brag and fart, and the expectation in my heart instantly became negative. “The profile is understandably a crucial part of online dating. It allows users to share snippets of their lives. It acts as a window, or a preview of a person, enticing others to reach out to them or find out more”. The probability of success is very low, and most of them end in tragedy. The online date is quite normal. Through the article, it shows more and more online dating in the future. The first thing to do is to pay attention to safety. Then I think it is quite low. Because the difference between a person online and offline is sometimes quite big, too much false news can not be verified. It is still more reliable to judge each aspect of a person by daily living together. More often than not, I will fill my imagination to fill the image of the other person in my own mind, which has a small impact on our ability to recognize people and understand intimate relationships.

Online dating is a reasonable way to date. Once you understand all the steps and find the perfect Mr.Right. This is the product of this era. Some people use it to do evil, and some people make a fate because of it. There’s a lot of option to let you pick, be smart. You can grasp the degree yourself. Online dating can also make real love. “You can be more selective because you have a bigger group to select from. When you’re using online dating, and there’s the possibility of selecting on characteristics that you know you’re going to like, you’re going to know a lot more about people before a first date” (Washington Post). Even though selecting who you’re able to date seems innocent enough, it also makes it just as easy for a predator or catfisher to select you as their target.

Online dating consumes a lot of personal growth and development time. The distance is so disturbing, many people spend a lot of time chatting video calls every day, in order to maintain their feelings carefully. However, in his 20-year-old golden age, people’s learning ability and energy are at their peak. For some people that use digital devices for online dating, information can be wrong. The information posted online for online dating can be fraud, you don’t even know if is an ugly guy or lady. Once you in that trap your device will get hack or maybe you can put yourself in danger. After all, online dating is also successful because of the network, through the candid exchanges between the two sides, and finally resonated, forming an emotional dependence, if you return to real life and find that the other party really meets their own ideas, it will be sublimated into love. This love will succeed, and then it will no longer be online dating, it is the love in real life, the network is just the way to connect the two sides.

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