The Disrupted Revolution of the movie Les Mesirables

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The following sample essay on The Disrupted Revolution of the movie Les Mesirables The movie Les Mis?rables directed by Tom Hooper and produced by Cameron Mackintosh was based on the story written by Victor Hugo. Les Mis?rables focuses mainly on the life of Victor Hugo, the turbulent history of France, and the basis of Romanticism. It tells us about Hugo’s life not only as a beloved poet, dramatist, and novelist, but also as a father and husband, as we learn that Hugo’s wife began an affair with Hugo long time best friend, his brother, two songs, and oldest daughter all died in his lifetime, and his remaining daughter was permanently institutionalized.

Victor Hugo is a brave man because he able to write what happens during the France Revolution. This story might not be clear but I really appreciate it. Hugh Jackman which is Jean Val Jean and Anthony Perkins as Javert who are the cast has the a really remarkable scene for me.

This story tackles about even though you are a sinner you still have a chance to change and you can still become a better version of who you are before if you have a will to change. Though the ending surprises me by the death of Jean Val Jean I still love the movie and I didnt expect it to happen. The story makes me feel embarrassed and make me realized that not all ending might be happy they are still endings that are not.

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The movie Les Miserables gives a big impact to me that it made my tears fall out.

The movie Les Mis?rables tells a story about the life of Jean Val Jean or also known as 24601 before and after the France Revolution. Jean Val Jean is one of the people in france facing those problem of starvation in their country. Jean Val Jean has been sent to Tulan prison in France by stealing a loaf of bread because he is so hungry. In his 19 years in prison Javert the warden of Tulan prison saw him and give him a parole and then Jean Val Jean quickly leave the prison. Jean Val Jean finds a job to support his needs in order to eat but people didn’t I trust him because he is a former prisoner until such time when he is going to sleep in the front of the church a pastor saw him and bring him inside the church and feed him. The pastor gave him money to start a new life and he shares it to the people who are in need. As the time goes by Jean Val Jean becomes the mayor of their town and he is not just a mayor he is a good friend that is approachable. As the time that Jean Val Jean elected as a mayor of their town Javert is also elected as the new Police inspector in the town where Jean Val Jean elected as a mayor. Javert really appreciates the good deeds of Jean and starts recognizing it.

One day Javert saw Jean facing the dead body of Fantine and Javert accuses Jean that he killed Fantine and then Jean run away because he dont wants to go back in prison. After Jean runs to Javert he saw the daughter of Fantine who’s name is Cosette and make her his daughter. Jean brings Cosette to paris to start a new life but the revolution is about to begin that why Javert goes to Paris and he is patrolling in the town. Jean still caught by Javert in Paris and then Jean starts to run for his life. When the revolution began, Jean volunteers to help those wounded people and aid them as much as he can. Javert saw Jean again helping a wounded man whose name is Marius and he realize that all of the sudden what he accuse to Jean wasn’t true. As the time that Javert realizes all of what he accuse to Jean he commits suicide. After Marius sent to hospital he gained his energy and wake up with the face of Cosette on his front and they got married. On the day that Cosette and Marius wedding sadly Jean has done with his existence and died.

The movie Les Mis?rables which is directed by Tom Hooper and produced by Cameron Mackintosh gives an insights about what happens during the France revolution .The movie was very good even though the director has a broad mind on citing those structures used on the film. The characters of the movie which played the most important role on it has a very good acting skills that even though action scenes they can portray. The main character which is Hugh Jackman who plays the role as Jean Val Jean really an influencer at the same time admirable because when he acts he put aside all of the collaborative personal state he had, but instead as he enter the acting mode as a professional he act with passion. The overall story is very good that I can watch it again and again. The story makes me feel like even though you have a sin or even though you commit a crime you can still change from what you are before. This movie has a very big impact on the 21st literature because it tackles about what does their culture all about and what did they do before, during and after the revolution. The movie Les Miserables might be a little messy to understand but if you will try to analyze the story you will able to understand what does the author wants you to know. In the story what I didn’t understand is why do Javert commit suicide what if he says sorry to Jean and continue as a Police inspector in the town. In this film, the problems that is shown in the movie was many kinds of social problems such as prostitution, injustice, mercy and etc that is relevant to our society. . Les Miserables is a type of movie that is musical as well as action and drama that there actors and actress sing as well.

There actors and actresses knows how to sing and act. In the story I hated Javert a lot because why did he always accuse Jean even though Jean doesnt make anything bad. But I really understand the role of Javert because sometimes I accuse someone even though he/she doesn’t make anything because sometimes I didnt use my mind to understand such things that I even know. What I like the most about the story is when the day of Marius and Cosette marry when they knew where do Jean Val Jean go before the day of their wedding because Cosette and Marius quickly go to Jean to bring her back but sadly when they arrive Jean was in pain and then suddenly after a minute of their conversation Jean Val Jean died and that makes my tears to drop. After the death of Jean Val Jean the spirits of Fantine, Eponine and many of those who past away has been happily reunited. Considering the Marxism approach, Victor Hugo who is the writer of the story has really makes a huge impact to many people of what he really shown on what happens in France revolution. Even though you are in the darkest day of your life remember that there is always a sun after a night that lights up your day. Never loose hope and conquer everything what is needed to face so that you can be a stronger version of who you are when the time you pass those challenges in your life.

No wonder Les Mis?rables is one of the popular novel by Victor Hugo. The public mind and emotions was moved by his ideas and warmth of their expression. It is still a favorite by many people around the world. Much Hugo’s drama is no longer produced but Les Mis?rables will endure. Les Mis?rables may not shown the entire revolution but he really makes his best to makes us know what are the things that France revolutionaries do and how do they prepare for that upcoming day. The movie narrates on what would they really feel and what they wanted to say even though they are dead. As far as we know Les Mis?rables tackles about how do they conquer everything just to stay alive during the day before revolution began.

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