Revolution Os Movie

A really great movie and very approachable. It helped me in understanding the real meaning of open source. Before I thought that Open Source means that the software is for free and it kept me wondering how software companies would benefit from it. After watching the movie I clearly understand that Open Source software Is not purely for free. Open Source means that the source code will be available for users where they can modify or correct a bug that they can share to others.

With these Open Source quickly releases numerous version modified and personalized by the rogrammers’ community.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of Richard Stallman or don’t know what a kernel Is. Certainly the filmmakers didn’t entirely know the history before starting the movie, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it did not focus only in the open source movement’s success or failure. What I like the most in the movie Is the story of the founding father of the Free Software Association/ GNU movement Richard Stallman on what he believe and how he conceptualized and eventually succeeded in his GNU movement.

His idea Is about having free software nd forming a community where people can share what they learn from playing with the free software is the main reason why Open Source is having its success. He somewhat stated that it Is human nature to share, Meanwhile Linus Torvalds and other people who have believed in the idea of Richard Stallman it also human nature to gain profits for what they are doing.

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To me this documentary somewhat inspire me to work harder in school because if these little people contributed huge ideas about Open Source so I am. I don’t want to be just another Information Technology graduate.

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