Tudor vs Modern Gender Dynamics & Marriage

The Tudor Period last from August 1485 all the way to March 1603, Of course, a lot of things are different back in that time period from today’s generation. For example, men‘s and women’s relationship, marriages/marriage arrangements, and contraception were all different then what we do or know today. Just from things I have learned in classes throughout my schooling years, I know a lot of marriages were arranged and today there are still some countries or cultures that have arranged marriages, I think that is interesting that cultures still do that and stick with what they know I know there used to be a show on tv called “Married at First Sight,” which was basically an arranged marriage, Basically, people signed up to find their “soulmate” and they would fill out all kinds of surveys about their perfect partner and answer questions and talk to psychologists, a sexologist, and professionals who would match them with someone.

Then the people would be matched up and would start planning a wedding and wouldn‘t meet, speak to, or know anything about their partner until the wedding day I think it’s interesting seeing that people used to have arranged marriages and now there is a tv show dedicated to matching people up and having an arranged type marriage In the article, ”Love and marriage in Tudor England,” written by Emma Mason, the parents would play a big part in who their daughter married and would do the arranging of the marriages.

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Also stated in the article, in 1520, Joan Stevyns had begged her parents for their consent to her own marriage decision. I think today parents still have that consent over who their daughter marries Guys (usually) still ask a girls father for consent before he is about to purpose Normally when parents don’t approve of someone their child is with they will let their kid know during the dating stage This is also something I think that has changed overtime.

Just from reading our “Taming of the Queen,” novel there wasn’t really a dating phase, there was some interaction with normal day to day activities but there wasn’t really datingi It was just that interaction one day and the next day they were in arranged marriages. Another thing that is different in marriages now is that although we still love and cherish our partner until death due us part, women have to promise to obey their husband before the wedding ring is put on their finger. I do think this important to “obey,” but only to some extent. For example, Kateryn didn‘t really get much of a say in what happened in the kingdom and wasn’t really allowed to voice her opinion when married to King Henry VIII. In today’s day women are allowed to have a say and their own opinion different from their husband when in a marriage Lastly, as stated by Emma Mason, the marriage would be presented to the church to see if there are any reasons that the marriage should not happen. Today, that sort of thing doesn’t really happen I know during the wedding they ask for any objections, but the marriage is not present to the church for rejections.

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