Influential Monarch Elizabeth Tudor

To this day is known as one of the most impactful monarchs of all time to have ruled England. Tudor, who is better known as Queen Elizabeth I currently, was born September 7, 1533 to King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. At the age of 25, Elizabeth became ruling Queen of England after her eldest half-sister, Mary Tudor (better known as Bloody Mary), died from reproductive system disease. Though Elizabeth received the country in shambles from her predecessors, she built the country and an era was established throughout her reign known as the Elizabethan Era.

Throughout the Elizabethan era, economic, religious and political peace reigned. Artistic freedom also was expressed throughout this time period.

The Elizabethan Era thrived thanks to her focus more on the populace and status of her land rather than their religion. Elizabeth allowed expression which sent secularization shock through England leading them further from the Roman Catholic empire. The Queen’s focus was more on literary practices amongst her people rather than attacking them as her sister before her had done.

Her extensive knowledge did not limit her to only one perspective in terms of religion and this alongside her capabilities of growing the economy with an extensive push upon her people and the ignition she lit amongst them to fight alongside her when she needed led her people to trust her.

She was not simply a queen to them but a friend as well. Elizabeth’s ascent to the throne led to the nations now looked back on opulence.

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Mary’s rule left the country in fear and penniless after she inflicted witch hunts upon those she accused of heresy from within the nation, Elizabeth, when named queen, was left to mend the economic faults her older sister had created. Elizabeth’s duty lead her to begin the encouragement of her countrymen to begin owning land again so that in that way, agriculture would begin to flourish and independent citizens would earn their pay.

Wool was traded more frequently in this era due to its abundance. This led villagers to frequent more towards town for employment as less workers were needed once Elizabeth began to enclose land for these fields. Who Was Elizabeth’s Greatest Figure? Elizabeth not only worked on ruling England but also worked on expanding her nation beyond her borders. The New World was a top priority for Elizabeth as she allowed those who served her to harass the Spanish ships that roamed the waters and steal the treasures that the Spanish would bring back from the Caribbean.

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