The Most Influential Person in My Life

For each of us there is one person who has been made difference in our lives. A family member, a friend or a teacher can make the difference. Sometimes these changes become part of our lives and are not easy to forget. The person who has been influential in my life is my high school teacher. Ms. Polin a very helpful and generous person who did a big favor in my life. She helped me in my difficult time. She prepared me for my English Regents exam.

She influenced my life in a positive way. One day after class was finished I spoke to Ms. Polin about getting low grades on my exam.

I told her that I didn’t pass this Regents for the second time and I was unaware of the cause. I asked her if she could help me in her free time. Ms. Polin agreed to help me in her free time every Wednesday and Friday. She told me to buy Barron’s Regents preparation book.

When I bought the book, she used to give me assignments and multiple-choice questions based on the reading. I used to do them as my homework and at our next meeting she used to check my work. She also had previous old Regents exams from which I used to do questions and essays based on the writing prompts. Ms.

Polin taught me how each section of test worked and what were the grading criteria. She told me to memorize the key terms that would help me with my informative and persuasive essays.

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I used to practice essays at home until I felt that I was fully prepared. My parents and friends were also concerned that I was having problems passing my exam. I had moral and emotional support from both my parents and friends. Ms. Polin didn’t just help me; she encouraged me to think positively. I realized that I had taken this exam twice before and wasn’t able to pass it due to test anxiety.

I always used to have negative feelings that I would not pass my exam and wouldn’t be graduating with my classmates. To prevent anxiety I learned to relax during my exam. During this time I was very depressed and thought nothing would work for me. Ms. Polin really influenced me by encouraging me to think confidently. She gave me strength to think that I could really do well if I worked hard. Nothing is impossible in life; if you work hard you can make it possible. When I was fully prepared I took the exam in January 2003.

The test was fair and I did well on it. While taking the test I remembered my parent’s and Ms. Polin’s words. My parents told me not to be anxious during the exam; everything will be okay. Ms. Polin said Qurat “I hope for your best and I know you will do it”. My hard work and Ms. Polin’s help led me do it. Everyone was really happy, my parents, my friends and especially my teacher. I am still carrying those memories and words along with me when I am about to take a test. I know I need to believe in myself, trust my abilities and work hard.

She has changed my way of thinking when it comes to challenges. For each of us there is one person who has made difference in our lives; my life was influenced by my teacher. Ms. Polin will always be remembered no matter what I become in future. From this experience I have learned that a teacher like Ms. Polin is always willing to help their students if they ask for it. This experience suggests helping others in their hard times. I have also learned to have confidence in myself and realize if I put my mind into something I can do anything.

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The Most Influential Person in My Life
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