Obesity in America: Food and Morality

In “Food as Thought: Resisting the Moralization of Eating” article, Mary Maxfield writes that the important reason why being overweight in America. She states about the mistake in American about how to eat healthy. She says that American way of eating culturally is by eating differently, and less from your normal meal. She says that the keys of eating healthy is not the amount of food but the standard of food that you are put in your body. (Maxfield) Maxfield’s advocacy for trusting and meeting our body need is still on the questionable assumption which means that our minds doesn’t tell us what we want, it tells us what we need(Mary).

Since food is not moral or immoral our bodies are supposed to be keep healthy with nutritious food, but instead we go for what our minds desire. For that reason, we end up being overweight and we being easy to get disease, but theare a way to stop are know the cause of being overweight, the impact of not eating healthy and control the way of not eating healthy habits.

According to Maxfield, most people like to drinks such as Pepsi instead of water due to their sweet loving habits. Scientific unhealthy foods are supposed to be avoided because they make people fat and unhealthy Maxfield). However, be fat doesn’t mean that unhealthy because the food contain a lot of fats such as pop, twinkles and junk food .I believe that eating habit is not the only cause of overweight and chronic disease because sometimes food option are scare.

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Hence people are forced to eat the available food.

Accumulation of calories in the blood vessels and heart are caused by fats that are contained in the fat individuals. The calories impair the function ability of the heart; hence blood circulation in the body becomes poor which leads to the improper supply of oxygen to parts of the body. Calories cause the malfunction of the liver; hence, starch cannot be converted into glucose. Therefore, the blood sugar going up beyond the normal level. During management and treatment of negative impacts that are brought by controlling the adverse effects of unhealthy eating , the victims spend a lot of money. Then, it is a source of expense to the medical insurance and the victims. My opinion is contrary to Mary’s advocacy because some people are not well off to meet the management requirements.

Maxfield says” Every individual is supposed to consume foods that are not harmful to the bodies”. We need to obesity by eating healithier Controlling appetite is the best mechanism for controlling eating habits that cause consumption of unhealthy food. Once an individual has controlled the inner sense of need, it will be easy to eat the right food at the right time. Getting blood sugar at a stable level is more essentials far as the prevention of risk rising of blood sugar level. People in the society should develop a culture of doing physical exercise regularly as a way of burning the calories in the body and also enabling proper blood circulation and excretion of waste products the excretory glands such as liver, kidneys, and skin. Michael Moss had took four years to research and found that many companies want” to get people hooked to food that are convenient and inexpensive”( Moss pg 477)

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