The Serious Health Problem of Obesity in America

A Nation’s Downfall in the Shape of a Sphere

In the early years of America, people were slender and thin because the food industry was strict. Food was not fried in oil and people were not as lazy as people are today. In 2000, fast food boomed which is cause of obesity and overweight people. Today, some people have the mindset to never be obese, but some cannot control their food intake and neglect the fact that they must move more than they eat.

Most people in the United States eat more than people around the world. The point that is that Americans are fat and needs to loose weight. I apologize in advance if this is too blunt, but Americans need to know that if they continue their life being a couch potato, there will be serious health concerns either now, or in the future. Americans need to stop being in the shape of a sphere.

Overweight people make up America.

People are overweight because of their neglect of their food intake, lack of exercise, and for health reasons. There are two ways to overcome this problem, by eating healthy and exercising regularly. People are exercising because they are overweight and are trying to slim down so that they will be healthy and fit. Another reason why people exercise is for health concerns. Those with health concerns are working out so they can maintain a healthy heart, lower diabetes, and for physical therapy. Those in physical therapy exercise to help their muscles loosen so their bodies are in the same state as before the accident or whatever mishap happened.

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In the end, those who do exercise on a daily basis, whether it is to get thinner or for a health reason, the effect is that they are no longer in the shape of a sphere but actually in shape for a better America. Americans are exercising to loose the extra weight. In the years to come, people will be walking around that are healthy; and getting healthy is better for everyone. The effect of exercising is a healthy and fit nation. Americans need to wake up and realize that they will not live forever, nor a long time if they continue feasting on fast food. Americans needs to do everything they can to live life happily by being fit and healthy. Americans can be healthy if they look at their lives and tell themselves that the way they are living is unhealthy. Hopefully, they will switch their lifestyle to eat healthy and exercise to live as long as they possibly can. Americans were once thin before everyone began sipping on sugary soda and eating fried butter. Let’s get back to how America once was.

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