The Major Contributors to the Problem of Obesity in America

The lack of sleep deprivation, rise of fast food, increase of cost of living, overuse of Medication, and depression are the main factors of playing an imperative role in “American obesity”. Obesity is a known contributor for unstable weight gain; therefore, in this paper, I will touch base on a few factors contributing to American obesity. As you already may know sleep is truly and important of staying healthy. Although it may seem to some of us that we can escape sleep without any side effects, we are doing more harm than we think.

Sleep deprivation can cause high levels of the stress hormone called cortisol, which in return increases your appetite.

Each year fast food restaurants are releasing enticing ads for junk food bringing more and more Americans to the path of obesity. If we consider the average meal price at a Fast Food we tend to see the 7 to 10 dollars range compare this to the price of vegetables then you can see there is a substantial difference in the costs.

The convenience of fast food is definitely much greater than Healthier options. For example, you don’t even need to get out of the car, just go through the drive-thru, whereas to obtain you have to go through a tedious process of going to the store and then go home and cook it. The cost of living substantially rockets annually every year we see more people in the workforce and fewer retirees. People in the workforce find it rather difficult to set aside time for exercise which in return causes obesity.

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Since there are several young adolescents adding into the workforce, there happens to a lack of education on junk food. Like how much sugar is in one serving in whatever you may be consuming.

Use of illegal substances and misuse of prescription medicine may result in an abnormal weight gain. The problem with medication, illegal or legal they increase your appetite which causes you to eat more food thus gain unhealthy weight. One major factor of obesity is depression. People experiencing depression are more likely to overeat or make poor food choices, avoid exercising, and become more sedentary. They tend to eat in an attempt to soothe there depression and to regulate their serotonin levels to normal. As we discussed today there are many reasons why Americans are getting obese at an alarming rate.

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