The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Legalization of Euthanasia

Euthanasia; depending on the level of societal development that the medicine has reached, the patients who can not improve and can not provide a qualified life end by physicians their lives in the direction of their own desiresr Since the emergence of euthanasia has caused many controversies Some of the debates are related to the legalization of euthanasia, while others are related to the conflict or compatibility of medical ethics and euthanasia. There are disadvantages as well as the advantages of legalizing euthanasia First, we will talk about the advantages of legalizing euthanasia.

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Euthanasia respects the patient’s right to think and make decisions with his / her own independent will. It is the easiest way for the patients who have too much pain, who can not enjoy the life and who are sure that they can not heal. It prevents the progress of the illness to cause more harm to the patient.

It also alleviates the material and spiritual burden of the patient’s relatives.

It allows a painless and fast death rather than a painful and agonizing deathr All of these are some of the advantages of euthanasia. The biggest problem in this matter is of course that euthanasia is not legal in many countries Severe punishment is available for those who do not obey to forbidden. The greatest and only advantage of legalizing euthanasia is that the patients, then the physicians, and the patient’s relatives benefit from these. Secondly, we will talk about the disadvantages of legalizing euthanasia. A patient’s psychology may not be intact, and he may not understand that the decision he or she will make is either true or false.

The sick individual is open to making a false decision about himself and his illness Both medicine and technology are developing day by day A patient who does not have a treatment today can have treatment in the later days, As the number of individuals in the society increases, the number of diseases increases and deficiencies in health services may occur, If this happens in a society where euthanasia is legal, doctors may not treat every patient equally and justly, Patient relatives who are burdened with heavy financial and spiritual burdens may try to decide instead of the patient. Even if it is legally free, it may be prohibited in religious terms In this case, religious prohibitions are violated All of these are the disadvantages of euthanasia and the effects of legalizing euthanasia. In short, the biggest disadvantage of legalizing euthanasia is to end a person’s life. Finally, let us consider once again whether euthanasia should be legalized The legalization of euthanasia, in my opinion, will lay the groundwork for many problems that can not be prevented. It will also lead to the loss of social values.

Of course, the patient’s wishes and decisions important, but the patient must be conscious. One of the most important values both in terms of law and religion is life and even ourselves should not right to harm this value. If we consider the results of the questionnaires on euthanasia, we can see very clearly legalizing the euthanasia is not welcomed in society. Statistics show that physicians and nurses do not support euthanasia usually. Also, if we compare the advantages and disadvantages of euthanasia; we can see that the disadvantages are much more. As a result, I think euthanasia should not be legalized Unfortunately, euthanasia is now legalized in some countries, If one day the euthanasia is fully legalized, the states should examine euthanasia cases with great care I hope we do not face a situation like this. In the following years, I would think that the cure of all diseases will be found, If I consider the reasons for this analysis and my ideas, euthanasia should never be legalized.

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