Ethical Issue of the Legalization of Euthanasia

The legality of euthanasia is currently being debated on whether or not it should be allowed. Individuals who are for the legalization of euthanasia say it is a personal liberty to control their deaths; they believe that legalizing euthanasia will allow for less pain to be felt and for it be regulated in a safe manor. The individuals who do not want euthanasia to be legalized feel as though the legalization of euthanasia will give people, such as lawyers and doctors, to much power when it comes to persuading people to take this route ending their life’s.

They also point out that the patient may not be capable of giving proper consent in their state of being Both sides essentially want the same thing, that being what is best for the patient, and this would be giving them the option of euthanasia People who do not support the legalization of euthanasia say it is surrendering too much power over to high officials and that the patient may not make the choice that is best for them.

If euthanasia is legalized it is thought that individuals who hold titles such as doctors, lawyers, and politicians will be given to much persuasive powert.

Doctors may try to persuade patients to use euthanasia because it would free up resources for them to use for others Lawyers and politicians may promote euthanasia because they feel as though they can either make or save money by these procedures being done This ill use of euthanasia adds to the fear that it my not be what is truly best for the patients, and will led to it being too much of a norm.

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There is also the fear of patients not being in the right mindset in order to make this decision for themselves Factors such as pain, psychological disorders, a sense of no hope may lead to a patient deciding to use the route of euthanasia when it was not necessary They only want what is bets for the patients, and they believe that euthanasia is not needed and they can be helped in ways that my lead to them being cured and living the rest of their life

Pro-euthanasia advocates say that giving people this choice is the best option out their for them. “I believe this choice is ethical, and what makes it ethical is it is a choice. The patient can change their mind up to the last minute”, [eut14], Giving people the choice is the right thing to do, because they are put in control over their own death and pain. A patient who knows they are going to pass may not want to go through the pain that will come along with dyingi If they can stop this pain from occurring, it would relieve them of much sorrow. The morally right thing to do for someone when they are in pain is to stop the pain, and in giving them the option of euthanasia they are given a option to stop their pain. In addition to lowering the pain level felt by patients, legalization of euthanasia will allow for it to be better regulated and increase the safety level of it. With it being illegal, people may try to kill themselves instead of doing it medically, which could result in mishaps and more pain being felt.

If it was regulated it would allow it to be done in a safe manor in which the patients can be given the right tools in order to do it, Legalizing euthanasia is the best option> simply because it allows for it to be an option for the patients who have ran out of options and know that they are going to pass, so they want to be in charge of their own passing. Euthanasia is a topic that may cause people distress when talking about it, but it is a necessary topic which must be properly dealt with. There is a fear that euthanasia will be misused, but this is a premature fear that a risk must be taken for Both people who want it to be legal and illegal, share one central hope, they want what is best for the patient. In legalizing euthanasia, it will allow people to be in charge of themselves more and will give them the option of which otherwise they may not have. Legalizing euthanasia will make it safer and lower the amount of pain felt my terminally ill patients

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