Human Development in Art and Architecture from Lithic to Egypt

Each of the segments that we have covered in this course thus far are very complex and can not be summed up in one piece of artwork, however every artifact tells a story and represents the era in which it was created. The advancement in human development from the Lithic ages to ancient Egypt is portrayed in many ways through art and architecture. The Lithic ages were separated into two sections, he Paleolithic and Neolithic ages The similarities between the two are what define the Lithic ages, such as growth in creating structures and telling stories through art.

The artifact that most vividly represents the lithic ages as a whole is the Nude Woman sculpture Nude Woman represents the importance of a woman’s ability to bare children and emphasizes her reproductive organs with no attention to her face During the Lithic ages, ensuring progression of the human species was very important, as shown in Nude Womanr Mesopotamia sparked interest in large architectural structures and art that tells a story.

The depiction of people became more realistic and human»animal hybrids gained popularity The victory stele of Naram-Sin is an artifact that depicts people realistically and broke traditional standards by staggering the characters throughout the stale. This sculpture commemorates the victory of Naram-Sin in the conquest of Lullubi and serves as a sort of trophy that tells a story, This artifact ties the era together by showing defined figures, battle and creativity from the artist. Ancient Egyptian artists began focusing on realism and working past the status quo set by previous eras.

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As the years passed, architecture grew to unfathomable creations, such as the Great Pyramidsr.

These massive structures took time and effort that is not realistic in the present, Considering the lack of experience and tools, human intelligence and inginuity was growing at spectacular ratesi Overall, the awestriking growth from the Lithic eras to ancient Egypt is portrayed in cognitive development in society as well as the literal growth in artifacts, going from miniscule structures such as the Nude Woman to mammoth stone pyramids that have both lasted for tens of thousands of years This segment has revealed art that signifies revolutions in peoples’ lifestyles through food collection, shelter, and religion.

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