Thailand is located in southeast Asia, where they are known for many things. Some of the most known are the smiling land, breathtaking beaches, and historical landmarks to visit. In Thailand people can be some of the friends you’ve met, with presenting you with the wai or a small smile. If any of these dont take place its accepted as being extremely rude and bad for your health. Thailand started has an agricultural country which has now been changed in the southern aspect to an sight seeing place to travel.

Unemployment Facts. Thailand has one of the worlds smallest unemployment rates. At the average rate of 1.20% of the population in Thailand is unemployed. The reasoning isn’t even due to deflation, but because of structural problems. One of the biggest jobs to do in Thailand is agriculture. If people lose their jobs or get fired they tend to get a part time job or do something to allow them to get sometype of income for there families.

Another big reasoning on why the unemployment rate is so low is because of the unemployment insurance. Due to the insurance there aren’t really any people who are jobless for real long. Since Thailand is very understanding and helpful many people have the choice of getting a job or starting something new for others.

Natural Resources Available. In Thailand they tend to have many types of minerals as natural resources. The minerals that they have are in mines, in water, in food, etc.

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The minerals that are in Thailand are coal, gold, lead, tin, tungsten, manganese, zinc. The other natural resources that they have are soil, and natural gas. Soil is a natural resource in Thailand because it is very rich, and alluvial. The soil is along the river Dong Chao Phraya. The natural gases are a natural resource because they decrease the imported petroleum that they are using.

Climate and Geography. Thailand is for the most part tropical but there are a couple months that are not very tropical. The temperatures drop when they get to November and last till February in the north. In Thailand the very humid/ tropical temperatures are in April through May. The rainy reasons vary upon different parts in Thailand, but mostly it is May through October. When there is rain, it is very concerning, there are many concerns for floods. When it is the wet season, it tends to be tropical also. The dry seasons also vary depending on where you are in Thailand, but tis November through April. The northern region is very hilly, so therefore when it is the wet season and there is a storm, it is very torrential. The central and eastern regions are low lying, close to the ground with small if not any small hills and slopes. The temperatures vary there and so does the wet and dry seasons. The southern portion of Thailand is called Kra Isthmus, and they are close to the equator so therefore they have a equatorial climate. The rainfalls can also very with how hot it is there. To the geography part, the highest point in Thailand is the Doi Inthanon. It has an elevation of 2,576 meters and 8,451 feet. The lowest point is The Gulf of Thailand. It has an elevation of 0 meters and 0 feet. The pollution, deforestation, and the soil erosions are becoming bigger and bigger environmental concerns in Thailand also.

Transportation Systems. In Thailand, not a lot of people want to have a car, most of them try to avoid it but sometimes end up having to own a car and drive themselves. Before things changed and they got all of this transportation, there were 6.8 million vehicles going around Thailand. Thailand could only have 2 million so imagine how busy that was. People mainly use the other transportation that are in the city because of the fact that the streets are so busy as it is with other vehicles, that it’s just easier. The transportations that they have now that are local in Thailand is bus, taxi, uber, minicab (silor), or a three-wheeled taxi (samlor). In the rural areas they tend to ride motorcycles, and pedicabs. When they are driving, they drive on the left side of the road instead of the right. Another part of transportation are canals (klongs), they are fairly used throughout the city to get two and from places. There are two types of buses that people can ride, there is air conditioned, and non- air conditioned. The air conditioned one costs more but if also faster and more spacey. The non-air conditioned one costs less, is slower and is more crowded because some people may not want to spend money on something that is gonna take like 5 minutes to get to and from. There is also a skytrain that runs above Thailand that is also fairly cheap.

Appearance: The appearance ranges from many different things. Villages tend to wear mostly traditional outfits, nothing to different from what people have been wearing for years. Farmers tend to wear straw hats because of the sun beating down on them as they work and the heat. Women tend to wear a plain and simple blouse, a wrap-around skirt called a sarong and plain flip-flops. Also women go to the salon to get ready for the day, like getting their hair and makeup done. Men tend to usually wear a plainish shirt and pants when they are working or out in public and then when they get home they usually take their pants off and put a sarong on except the name of it is Pa Kao Ma. The men and women of the chinese descents wear loose jackets and mostly pants but women tend to wear calf pants. Flip-flops are popular everywhere except for formal things, then they wear shoes. Although flip-flops are popular everywhere, rural people mostly walk around barefoot. The kids in school also have a certain uniform they are supposed to wear. For girls they are supposed to wear a white shirt, and a blue or black skirt. Now guys are basically the same thing except they wear either blue or black pants/shorts.

Foods: In Thailand dinner is the main meal because it is always always aten with their family. Breakfast and lunch don’t matter as much because they all have different schedules. When they eat their food, they never need a knife because all of the food is already in bite size pieces so they have the spoon in their right hand and their fork in the left. Rural families in Thailand tend to eat around a straw mat. When guests eat dinner at someone’s house they are encouraged to eat seconds so therefore they usually get seconds before the actual family that made the food. Thai people in diners would put out different dishes in the middle of the table with rice. Their staple food in Thailand is rice because it is the most important part of their meal and they eat it with everything. The name for rice is Kaho, and them eating the rice means Kin Khao. Noodles are also very popular whether in soups, or just in dishes. Most of the dishes in Thailand are spicy because they put curry paste/ seasoning in them. In thailand fruit tends to be known as a dessert, so after dinner they will most likely eat a piece of traditional dessert or some fruit. When they eat their meals, they tend to drink beer and or coffee.

History of Thailand. Four thousand years ago Thailand was linked up with the south part of China some people would migrate from Thailand to southern China Later on the people of China would migrate to Thailand.Thailand was part of the Vast Khmer empire that at the time covered a lot of southeast asia.But soon after the empire was made it was overthrown by the Ayutthaya.The Ayutthaya where then overthrown by the Burmese.Power was transferred between the Thai and the Burmese till the Burmese took the control.During wwll the Thai helped Japan fight in the war but when the war ended Thailand started to work with the u.s..Thailand’s military has been very politically active in 1991 there was a war that had to have military action.

Education in Thailand. In Thailand there are two types of schools public and private.In Thailand school is required but is free for the first twelve years then it is compulsory for the next nine years.ages three to five you would attend preschool and elementary school. When you get into school it is split into two groups ages six to eight would attend first to third grade then kids ages nine to to eleven would attend fourth to sixth grade.The second half would be secondary school which is ages twelve to thirteen are in grades one to three grads four to six is fifteen to seventeen.the adult literacy rate is 97% for men and for women it is also 97%.

Languages in Thailand. The official language in Thailand is central Thai it’s the language spoken in the schools. Other languages are spoken like Khmer is one of them and it is commonly used along the Cambodian border along with Lao which is used alot in the northern parts of Thailand.When you are Writing Thai you use a mix of consonants,vowels and tone marks.The official language has five different tones low,mid,high, rising and falling.if you were to change the tone of a syllable you will alter the meaning of the word you are trying to say.A lot of the time people will also speak chinese and malay but those of a higher status will often speak in english.other groups of people like the Mons and Hmong will speak in their own language.

Religion of Thailand. In Thailand you are guaranteed your right to any religion even though ninety five percent of Thailand is Buddhist and muslims take up the last four percent.In Thailand Buddhism is a large part of everyday life young men are encouraged to be monks up to three months to learn all the Buddhist principles.even though this practice is not strictly encouraged today large parties will be held for boys entering their training.Monks are not allowed to own anything so they are to get there food from villagers and or cooks from the temples.special parties and offerings are use for the living to honor the dead.nowadays Thailand is richer so less and less people are becoming monks some of them even stopped receiving food from people and started going out to eat instead.

Gestures. Thailand’s culture is very focused around proper etiquette and to do what shows their own culture. For instance, the very famous thailand greeting also known as the wai. The wai is a well used greeting for many different things such as, saying goodbye, apologize and to show respect. To do the proper way you place both hands together centered in front of chest with your fingertips pointing towards your chin. While doing this you shall not make eye contact and to look down at your feet. A simpler way to greet people is just to smile at them which is where Thailand gets is nickname “land of smiles.” This is because of the fact that when kids at a young age they learn that being to serious can be unhealthy, so everyone smiles all the times to keep their health up. These small things may seem funny to touring people, but it’s really something that is important in the Thai culture.

Neighbors. It’s easy to combine all the regions in Thailand together, however the north and south each have their unique characteristics. Such as, the little things like there distinguish foods. Food in Thailand is solely based off of their religion, which can be upsetting for traveling people who find a food they really enjoy, then can not find it in other regions. A vast majority of people in Thailand love to eat lanna, which is a sticky rice which is parried with a green chili sauce. Many restaurants in southern Thailand will serve lanna, but many people will tell you it’s nothing alike. Something like a food difference can put a difference between the two very easily, but since there food diversity is due to religion reasons it can also impact their regions.The north has held onto to more of the cultural beliefs and traditional values, which shows in the temples and landmarks. Where as in southern Thailand it is filled with more places to go when on a family vacation. Such as, walking beaches, snorkeling, playing with elephants, and traveling around many different lakes and rivers. Although northern and southern Thailand are very different, when it comes to economic purposes the two are still know as Thailand.

Social Interaction. People of Thailand believe very much into being polite and using good social manners. One of the very strong believes is that you most take your shoes at any thai home, temple, or sacred place, due to this you must not point your toes in anyone’s direction. Because of the fact that you take your shoes off most of the time people will have indoor slippers for you to wear. Another believe among thai people is to refrain from outward appearances of wealth. Since flashing money around its believed to be rude. If this is done people may give dirty looks or start a fight with you.

Family life. Family is a prized possession for people in Thailand, while growing up you’re family is your everything. Growing up in a thai family you must obey and respect your parents at all times, you must also follow there wishes all throughout adulthood. As a pay back for being involved in your family, parents will pay for your education which includes your college career. Once you turn into an adult you will continue to live with your parents while you are actively seeking work or working a job. When you then meet your spouse and get married you will continue to live with her parents until you have a child. Each family normally has one to two children. Once having your children you then teach them the same things your parents and past family members taught you.

Thailand’s best year when it comes to their GDP was in 2018 where the GDP was at 15.45 trillion dollars.Along with how well Thailand is currently doing its worst year would have been in 2015 where it was at 401.4 billion dollars.When you compare 2014 up to 2018 Thailand’s GDP is very well off only shifting a little in 2014. The GDP seams to stay at a constant of 407 to 455 billion as it goes from 2014 to 2017 where it seemed to take off do to making more exports going out.the growth is about 3.9% as of 2017.

Compared to its GDP Thailand’s GDP per capita is a bit more troubled. In 2014 it was at 5,953.75 us dollars but The lowest year Thailand had was in 2015 where it was at 5,846.39 us dollars.Compared to next year where it went back up to 5,979.29 us dollars as we go through you will see that then it stays at 6,593.82 dollars for the next two years.

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