Discovering Ourselves: the Experience of a Tourist

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Tourism is currently one of the most important economic and cultural activities that a country or a region can count on. It can present many variants since there are different types of tourism: cultural, adventure, entertainment, and wellness tourism. I believe visiting new places could change our way of seeing things and make us appreciate differences. There is no better way to know the richness of a place and learn from it than to experience it through the experiences of locals.

To take each moment as an opportunity to grow, immerse ourselves in a new culture, taste different food, learn new words, adopt new habits, and make new friends will lead us to rediscover ourselves. Based on my experience as a tourist, I must allow myself to open my mind without judging. Learning about a new culture makes me approach new ways of doing things. Some of them probably seem crazy, unsafe, unhealthy, or simply meaningless, but there is always a life lesson to learn if I am willing to.

Field Trip: City Tour, Vancouver Lookout

Gastown is the most memorable and my favorite destination on the tour. The whole architecture has a vintage vibe to it. The buildings reminded me of England in the mid-twentieth century with dark bricks, red baked clay sidewalks, and black wrought iron street lamps. The area is full of restaurants and bars. The main attraction of Gastown is the steam clock. This is a very peculiar object because it was built to hide an air outlet from the sewers.

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The clock continues to work to this day and it is worth appreciating its operation.

Chinatown is the largest Asian neighborhood in Canada. It was the Fraser River Gold Rush of 1858 that attracted the Chinese from San Francisco and Hong Kong to British Columbia. I liked the atmosphere that reigned, with this beautiful red color as a common thread in this neighborhood. I was surprised how less lively it was compared to other Chinatowns I had visited in other cities.

Stanley Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the world. I find it beautiful, scenic, quiet, and the totem poles fascinating. It also has good spots to take panoramic pictures of the city.

My impression of the tour of Vancouver is that it is a very cosmopolitan city and is infused with many cultures from different parts of the world. There is no specific gastronomic offer and there are not many restaurants that sell traditional cuisine from their places of origin. It is interesting to see the multiculturalism that exists. I liked the tour very much and thought it was worth it.


When I first heard the term EQ, I did not know what it meant. I thought that to succeed in life, you had to have a high IQ. On the contrary, being smart is not synonymous with success. We have to be emotionally intelligent to succeed in life. My EQ measures the way I interact with coworkers and customers at work. It is not something I can learn from reading textbooks but from experience. I try to think positively and eliminate all kinds of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and sadness. I look for positive emotions like happiness, love, and humor. I understand that in the end, only I can control my emotions and decide to think about what I want to be manifested in my own life. In the tourism industry, team leaders need to be assertive, empathetic, emotionally stable, and emit positive energy. Successful leaders have high EQ scores because they emanate enthusiasm and are patient with their teams. In most cases, it is the team members that attract sales, and only by having a stable, happy, and motivated team will sales grow. A hotel manager has to deal with customers and employees every day and must have a high EQ to resolve any issues or concerns.


I am interested in tourism management because I am one of those people who have a passion for travel and everything that comes with it. I am concerned about the world of tourism and I think I would be able to recommend trips to help tourists make the most of their vacations. Tourism is something that does not go out of style and there are many departments in which to work in any part of the world, both in the private sector and in the public. The world of tourism allows me to open my mind to traveling and learning more about the industry. Much of the work in this industry requires creativity and novelty. I would like to be able to use my knowledge, along with what I have studied to create my original proposals without the need to be conditioned by established rules.

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